First Salon Haircut - xp

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First Salon Haircut - xp

I've been cutting Nathan's hair for a while now, but it is VERY difficult, so I finally gave in to DH's pleading that we take him to a salon. Nathan was so unbelievably well behaved. I was really worried that he'd have a hard time with it, but he was so good.

Some pictures...since that's pretty much all I'm good for. LOL Just snaps of course.

IMG_3890 copy web

IMG_3920 copy web

IMG_3933 copy web

IMG_3961 copy web

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cute Biggrin glad he behaved too

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what a cutie! I'm glad he did so well there. Smile

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Wow, he looks such a big boy.

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Awww, he's sooo cute! I am glad he was so well behaved. My ds1 screamed blue murder until he was about 3.5, lol!

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Nice! The salon where I take the kids has bright yellow walls. Gives me fits trying to WB them.

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Cute pics. Glad he did so good! He looks so grown up!

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adorable!! I've been putting off Jasper's first cut because I am in denial that he's big enough to need one Smile