First Share in a While

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First Share in a While

I was trying to find the light in my living room and I think I found it!! This is probably my favorite shot I've gotten in a while.

Mommy goggles?

(I'm looking for the settings on Flickr, but the properties link isn't there....)


A black and white (first in a while!) This one didn't come out as crisp as the first so I thought I'd try a black and white. Did I do OK?


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So cute! Smile

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I don't think it's Mommy Goggles, she is ADORABLE!!! I really like the B&W, but I'm not a good one to comment on the actual color, I just really love her face in it! So cute!

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oh, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a fantastic shot of Rylee - she's adorable!

Your conversion looks chocolate-ish to me - is it? Actually, I'm seeing some muted color. I think I'd like to see this in true b&w for comparison. Wink

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Gwen, here's my try at a true black and white. I did have a chocolate layer in the first one.


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What a gorgeous shot! Not Mommy goggles at all.

As for your second shot, I prefer the chocolate, I think the straight B&W looks a bit muddy

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What a doll!! Oh to be able to do pig tails!! I love that face in the second shot too!

I can't really comment on much though, because I suck at editing. But for what it's worth from my very un-trained eye, I like the edit on the first black and white better.

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Really cute! I love the colors in the 1st photo. I can't decide which B&W I like better. I like how they both look vintage.

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Okay, that first one is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! Seriously, you created a great shot there!

Your b&w is a bit gray for me. I SUCK with b&w's so I am no help there. Cute face still!