First Stranger Shoot

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First Stranger Shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing my sister's friend from the Gym, her husband, and 2 dogs. I had SOOOO many great ideas for this shoot. Then the day of the shoot arrives and the older dog can't walk 10 feet Sad All those beautiful spots I scouted out before hand were a waste because we couldn't get the dog there. I was slightly disappointed, but I made do. I wasn't that creative with this, but it was my first stranger shoot and I think I'm pleased with what I was able to get.

Please CC if you want.

1/1000 f/3.2 ISO 400 (POOOO dappled light!)
LC 01R

1/1000 f/3.2 ISO 400
LC 02R

1/800 f/2.8 ISO 400
LC 05R

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That dog looks like it's lived some serious years Smile He'd be a wise sage if he was human Biggrin too bad you couldn't get to your other locations, but for your next session hopefully you'll be able to get there.

#1 the girl's pose looks a bit she's trying to get close to him but isn't in the best position to do so...KWIM?

#3 i like this one too. maybe next time if you go for an ap of 2.8, pull your subject further away from the background and you'll get some nice bokeh.

focus is nice in all of them i think. Good job! Smile

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Thanks! I totally see what you're saying in #1. That was the first shot I got of them and I was so nervous I couldn't think of how to tell anyone how to move a big toe, let alone readjust thier position Lol

I was afraid of opening up too much in #2 because the woman is on a much different plane (plain?) then the man. I was scared I'd get one or the other out of focus. I need to try to change those settings for multiple shots so I can have different options. Lesson learned Smile

ETA: That dog is 14 years old!!! She's seen many years and was the sweetest thing, just couldn't walk or sit for anything! The yellow lab is 7 years old, but acts like a 1 year old Smile

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Too bad about the older pooch limiting your locations, but I think you did a really nice job here!

1. Looks a tad big under exposed. I don't mind the dappled light, it creates a nice mood (imho). Wish the guy wasn't squinting though.

2. Now this one I really like! Great use of the directional light. They look comfortable and the dogs are interacting nicely with them and your lens. I'm starting to think the guy is just a squinter. He's doing it again here, but not her. Nice bokeh on this one too.

3. Yep. The guy is a squinter. They look like they're in complete shade here so there's no need for a squint. Exposure looks really nice. I think I'd have them move a little bit further away from the bushes next time so that they would blur a bit more. Love the deep color of them though. Is that a magnolia tree?

Nice work, Jennifer! I'll bet they are really happy with these.


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GiGi, you make me laugh!! Yes he's a squinter. I noticed that fairly early on. Thanks for the CC!

Yes, that's a magnolia tree. They had lots of them and some were even still in bloom.

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I love the colors on these! my favorite is #2 i think Smile
YAY for stranger shoot Biggrin i think you did great

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Congrats on the stranger shoot!

I think they will be rather happy with these. You did great getting the dogs attention and I know that must not have been an easy task.

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I think you did great as well. I actually like the magnolia leaves photo bg because it gives great texture, and because some of the leaves appear dark red and there is some really pretty bokeh'd light coming through at the top.

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Yippee for your first stranger shoot!
#1 I don't mind the dappled light too much since it is such a soft glow, but the lady looks like she is falling over and they seem to close to the tree
#2 I like this one! Wish the bigger dog was sitting, but still well lit and pretty
#3 I like this one as well, although she looks a little washed out...

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the second one is my favorite, just really nice! the posing in the first seems awkward (of which you're already aware). I like the sunset like, but wish there wasn't a band of sun going through the subjects. skin seems off in the last one, especially of the guy. I feel like it needs to be warmed up more.

nice work for a first stranger shoot!

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From what I can view the post processing is not consistent. If you look at their skin tone, the first one they look really magenta/red, then lighter, and lightest.

The guy is sure a squinter. I had a person who is very much like that, sucks because you can't see any light in their eyes, makes it look like a black hole.

Exposure and clarity is good.

#1 - not loving the dappled light. she looks like she was about to fall and the guy was trying to catch her.

#2 - Is the best one of the bunch imo, but not liking the posts in the background, can you clone this?

#3 - I agree with pulling them away from the background so that you can get a lovely bokeh.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. There are a lot of things I need to work on, but I think I'm pretty pleased with them for what little I had.

El, I totally agree about the inconsistency in my processing. That is something I've REALLY got to work on. I've noticed that when ever I edit any photos in a group, I can't get them to look consistant...even when they are the same settings/same location. I'll keep working on this.