First try with plexiglass

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First try with plexiglass

Ok so my friend got me some 2-2x2 plexiglass from his work. I pieced it together and tried it out. I don't know how to blend in the crack/edge part. I tried cloning and it made it look messy.

Please CC on anything I need to improve on. Always willing to learn!

Setting: ISO 640, SS 1/160, f3.5

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Cool! I can't wait to get plexiglass.. sometime before my youngin' turns one, I'm hoping. I love that you can see his full reflection. Maybe you can try pulling it all away from the background a bit more, though, to avoid that shadow? I learned that recently from someone on here. And as for PPing the cracks out from under the glass, I would say just try doing some extensive cloning. What a cute little model, though! I'm loving his sponge bob pants! Smile

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I love the reflection! As for the edge of the plexiglass, I usually just clone that out. I am seeing some darker horiz lines right at his neck and a little below in the reflection...wondering where those came from? Maybe scratches in the plexi? Or am I seeing things?

I like your lighting. What are you using? Other than that small shadow it looks really good to me.

Oh, and I recognize that toy! Dd has the same thing! Smile

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I don't have plexi and I pretty much suck at pp, so I can't help there.

I just wanted to say this looks reallly nice - LOVE his reflection in the plexi. Even with the slight shadow, this looks GREAT!


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I use the healing tool on the line from the glass and that always works for me. definitely pull him back from the backdrop though. cool that you got the glass!

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Healing tool usually works well on things like that.