The fish hatchery, 2 for cc

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The fish hatchery, 2 for cc

Who knew a fish hatchery could be so scenic?



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Wow those are great

And ghee what a nice Hatchery

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Great shots. I never would have associated these with fish hatchery lol

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aww great shots! Smile would you mind posting your settings? I just LOVE your little guy and his glasses Smile so stinkin cute! The second one could use a bit of brightening but just a little wee bit. What PP did you do to these? Smile

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Adorable! Your kiddos are soooo cute! What would they look like a little brighter? You're doing a great job and I can see quite an improvement in your photos from when I first came here to the boards! Keep up the good work! I always enjoy looking at pictures of your kiddos! Smile

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settings were iso 400, f/2.8, ss all 1/125 or faster but varied as the light changed.

Here is another one. Does the dappled light kill it?


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the dappled light doesn't even bother me one bit Smile its not bad at all. i like it.

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Beautiful! That one of your daughter is stunning.

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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!! And I love the dappled light in #3. As it is not on her face, I find it only deepens the mood of the photo - the PERFECT way to use dappled light!!!


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How cute! I loooooove the second one of your daughter, that's precious! It also seems to have a bit more saturation all together than the first one of her, bringing out her skin tones better. And great composition on the one of your son. I bet they had fun!

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I really like the second one of your daughter...I think it'll be soon time to lock her up and keep her away from the boys!! Smile

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I love them both! The dappled light looks good i think. Smile The only thing that sprung to mind was that perhaps the second one looked a little cool. I don't know if that could be linked to the brightness though...

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I think they are really nice! Your daughter's skin is so beautiful. Smile CC would be that I *think* her skin tone looks warmer in the second picture you posted of her (dappled light does not bother me there btw, it's not on her face or distracting at all).

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LOVE the 2nd one of your DD! I would have never thought a fish hatchery would be a good photo spot!

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BEAUTIFUL! Katie is becoming quite the little model!!!

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I think these look great! I don't agree that they should be brighter, any brighter and you'll start losing detain in the face highlights.. they look spot on to me!

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I know nothing about fish hatcheries ... Lol But I am loving these pictures!!!! Max is too freakin' cute, and I just love the capture of him. Katie is so pretty, and I really love the second picture (I like the first, but LOVE the second!)

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These are just beautiful!