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flash back Friday

WOO HOO! It's Friday, folks!!!

Let's see up to 3 of your favorite snaps from this week!


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Here are a few from me.

This first one was taken by DH. The boys took a mini-vacation when I was stuck working around the clock on a big project. One stop they made was the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

This is my big guy's first day of 3rd grade. It's killing me that he's going to turn 9 in just a few weeks. Where did my baby go???

And this last one wasn't taken in the last week, but I did finally find an edit I like well enough to print. Smile


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Here's one of Rylan at an ILP gtg from last weekend. He was SO un-cooperative! But it was still lots of fun! Smile
ILP GTG 2 108wm

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My youngest just turned 5 yesterday. These are snaps with flash and all, of him opening his presents yesterday & one after he helped decorate his cake. We are having his actual party tomorrow.

IMG_5175 by R.Tice, on Flickr

IMG_5174 by R.Tice, on Flickr

IMG_5187 by R.Tice, on Flickr

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Just a few more beach shots that I liked that I didn't add to my other family vacation thread!

Mom and her daughters. I love that they're sitting in according to age and size. Smile

Pappy searching for seashells with his granddaughter.

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DD was playing with the hose earlier this week (and I was playing with different camera angles Smile ):

While DD was playing with the hose, DS was playing with bubbles and was willing to "cheese" for me:

And, finally, a sunset I caught last weekend:

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I took a day of vacation today and decided to get some photos of DD and I...since we have NONE!

Not perfect, but I love them Smile It's all I've gotten all week.
2010-09-03 01

2010-09-03 02

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I'm loving these! I'm behind on my edits, I might actually make that my goal right now so I can share here too. Wink

GiGi - LOVE the new edit of Carlos! And Loli is adorable on his first day!

Lauren - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel - very cute birthday boy! Love his smile with the cake Wink

Krista - that's an excellent sunset!!! cute shots of the kids too.

Jennifer - hooray for pictures with both of you! I adore that first one!!

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Still working on my pictures, but here's three of my favorite snaps for the week so far. Smile

Natalie's new shoes
Natalie's new shoes

Fun in the sprinkler

I told him not to blow the seeds in the direction of our lawn Lol (Our driveway is behind him)


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My week ended really badly, so I am a little late joining in!

This is SOOC apart from a WB tweak (think I should have done some localised colour tweaking on J, he's sooooo pale)

And my canvases arrived! They had to be returned and reprinted as they gallery wrapped them, which chopped Z's fingers. I love them! I made a little photo wall, putting my new canvas if Z in the middle.

I know we're only supposed to show 3, but here is my other canvas in my dining room (2 for 1 offer!)