Flash Back Friday!

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Flash Back Friday!

Another week comes to a close and that brings us once again to another Flash Back Friday!!!!

Post a few of your favorite shots from the last week or so.

Take care and have a great weekend, everyone!


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Woohoo TGIF!

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One of these days I will remember about this and upload them to the flash drive! UGH! Maybe I will remember on Monday and add some then......

Amy- great shots! You have an amazing eye for those shots! Love the one of Miss Eva running from you! Lol

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I love those nature ones. I guess I just don't look closely enough when I'm outside! Maybe that'll be on my list to learn one day Smile

My obsession currently is bokeh Smile

This one I just love because DS is always trying to work out like daddy Smile

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Yay! I was on vacation last week and have so many photos to chpse from, but these are 3 of my many favourites!

I thought this was blurry on the LCD but refused to delete it and I'm glad I didn't as it's motion blur sur to slow shutter speed but the ground is perfectly in focus, so I quite like it, lol! They were all being silly, allowing Jamie to win (bless him, his is usually last) and celebrating his win with him.

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