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I had a few minutest before I had to leave for work. Thought I would get this started. I love FBF! Happy Friday ladies! SmileYahoo

Photographer Child Syndrome? Ya think?

DSC_1701 by sadieruth, on Flickr

DSC_1708_b&w_web2 by sadieruth, on Flickr

My girl got an award at school! Smile

DSC_1600_filtered by sadieruth, on Flickr

DSC_1772_b&w_filtered_edited_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

DSC_1739_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Yay I actually have some new pics to add, lol. Got behind on uploading there for about a month. Didn't have a whole lot anyway.

A less common Pipevine Swallowtail visited my yard a couple weeks ago....they flutter their wings INCESSANTLY and move around while feeding so it is VERY VERY challenging to get a focused shot. I took 71 shots and only had about 10 usable ones. lol




I have a couple new self-portraits from yesterday but I kind of want to post those for CC so I will leave them off here. Smile

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Sadie, that expression in the first one is too cute -- and the outfit is awesome too! LOVE the first senior shot, really beautifully done. And congrats to Ruthie, that's awesome!

Amy, that butterfly is stunning! Gorgeous captures!

I haven't had the camera out, been sick all week and with house guests. But here are a couple of fun Micah ones from home. He's my muse now that Nora's in school all day.

Meet Anakin Skywalker

Micah at Home

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Amy- that 2nd butterfly shot is AMAZING! LOVE the colors!
Tracy- That look is soooo cute! Man, he has some sparkling blue eyes! What a cutie! Hope you are feeling better!

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So sorry I haven't been around much the past couple of weeks. 2 days after we got back from vacation, my family came to visit, and we had house guests.

So, here's my week:

Jackson had a really nasty cold that he brought back from Disney. He was MISERABLE!

IMG_5661-2fb by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Just thought this one was cute Smile

IMG_5690-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

We found some black widows off of our porch! YIKES!!

IMG_5704-2fb by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

IMG_5713-2fb by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Jackson walking on a trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park with his grandpa.

IMG_5743-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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I just wanted to say hi to everyone! I've been MIA - AGAIN, but logged in today and have looked through every thread. Hope to catch up again soon.

I always love the flashback Friday thread and today was no exception. Great shots, ladies!