Flash back Friday: Apr 1 - 8

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Flash back Friday: Apr 1 - 8

Hope you have all had a great week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

Use this space to share w/ us all your favorite shots from the last week or even month.

Take care,

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Just a couple from me that I haven't already shared this week

He has a big smile, even when he's not smiling big.

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I haven't been on here in a while! We went to Disneyland last week Smile




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Stephanie, I love that silhouette! It's really sweet and well done (too bad you didn't have that for the silhouette challenge!).

Wow, Kristen, those are great photos from Disneyland -- the one with Minnie Mouse is so terrific! Gotta prevent my kids from seeing that one. Smile

I have a bunch, sorry if it's too much...

Serving apple pie, a bit soft but sweet:

Snap of my kids wearing their Vancouver Canucks shirts, getting ready for the playoffs:

Just playing with water:

From a walk around the neighbourhood:

From daffodils I bought:

Snap from a trip to the playground -- I know it won't look like much to most of you, but I was happy because usually my snaps of my kids playing aren't sharp, but this one actually is pretty sharp SOOC (a bit hard to tell resized perhaps). Maybe I'm getting better at focus.

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Really nice silhouette Biggrin

That Disney trip sounds fun. Love the Minnie pic.

I really like that 5th pic, Tracy. It looks like a blueberry plant. Mine are already starting to berry! I love this time of year.

Here are a few I took several weeks ago. We went on a 2-hr dolphin cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, so these dolphins are wild. In the first picture, you can see her baby swimming behind her.

Dolphin1 by sultana2_10, on Flickr

Dolphin2 by sultana2_10, on Flickr

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On vacation using my laptop which has a horrible screen so I haven't been able to edit. Also DH has been a bit of a camera hog, so I haven't taken too many pictures.

Here is one of the Sunrise pictures I took on vacation.

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Just snaps, but welcomed our sweet baby girl, Sophie Ann into the world on Thursday.

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Congratulations Lisa!!! Our babies are so close in age! Biggrin

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Congratulations, Lisa, she's just beautiful!

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Congratulations Lauren!! She's beautiful!

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Lisa! She is adorable! Congratulations girl!

Here are a couple more from this week:

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Steph - I absolutely love that silhouette!

Kristen live the Minnie pic. Too cute

Tracy my fav is the first of your flower pics.

I love the dolphins Suzanne

Beautiful sunset Amanda

Congratulations Lisa. Just beautiful

CJ my fab is the second one of the girl (your daughter?)

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Congratulations Lisa, she's gorgeous!

Mine were all taken on the same day.

Wild daffodils

DSC_6286 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

Love this even if his eyes are black holes, lol! Not often I get him really smiling

DSC_6315 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr


DSC_6351 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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So so cute! Love the back lit!

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Cute photos everyone! I am behind this week. Took a ton of pics but didn't get to work on them until last night/today. So I'll try to post some today. The finished ones are already on FB & Flickr; I'm just still editing a bunch more...