Flash back Friday: April 29 - May 6

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Flash back Friday: April 29 - May 6

Happy Friday everyone! Time to kick off my favorite thread.

Take a few minutes and look back over your shots from the last week (or two, or three - no hard and fast dates here) and share a few of your favorites.

Have a good weekend, a wonderful Mother's Day, and take lots of pictures so you can share them NEXT week!


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Well, I'm going to be the first just before we head out for a Mother's Day weekend in Washington with my mom.

DH gave me some early Mother's Day flowers:

and some from the kids:

After the daisies started dying... I call this "He Loves Me".

(More flowers on Flickr)

My 4-month-old niece:

DD admiring some bubbles:

and a pretty bad picture of me, but wow, both of my kids with me, smiling, in a great setting... have to ignore myself and appreciate the rest of the photo!

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Tracy - LOVE those rose shots! They're gorgeous!! And the one of your niece smiling is too precious!! And I think you look fab in that shot of you and your kids! What a great picture!

I'm going to jump in here real quick with a few!

DS in the field by our park. He hated the high grass!

My friend's little girl from an impromptu family session last night. Smile

Same "session"!

Family shot with a different PP I'm trying out.

Mommy goggles! I love this shot of my DS' new diaper. Smile

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Tracey - Those are some beautiful roses! You are very creative Smile

Jen - Love the close up of the little girl. What a great expression! The parents must be thrilled!

Here's a snap of my little guy.

Crazy donkey! 005 wm by laurenm123, on Flickr

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Tracy, you're so creative! I like the "He Loves Me". And what an awesome picture of you and your kids!

Jen, I love the connection in the 3rd picture! And too funny about Owen not liking the tall grass!

Look at those eyes, Lauren!! Gorgeous!

Couple of snaps from the weekend:

Daddy got Carson waaay up in the air!

The sand table got water in it from all the rain (yeah...I left the cover off...), and Jackson had a blast splashing it. He was fine until he started rubbing his eyes.

And a couple more from my golden hour shoot of the boys. (In case you didn't see them in the assignment thread)

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These are the only other two I got apart from the 100's of ones from the session in my other thread. .
A friend teaching his kids about a sun dial.


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Playing with my new macro lens for the first time yesterday. NOT easy while wearing a baby on my chest and chasing a toddler. I didn't want to carry my tripod around in addition to all that, so these are hand-held. Can't wait to play more when I have my tripod with me. I have a lot to learn, but I LOVE the lens... So much fun!! I didn't come across any bugs, boo!

Wish I had gotten this one in focus a little better, but I was a bit rushed, as you can imagine.

A rare picture of me, hahaha... Baby on chest and crazy toddler trying to run into the water off to the side of us.

One of my DH and DS... Aren't they like clones?! Hahaha..

Decided to play a little more with the macro today. This is the orchid DH bought me for Mother's Day.

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Tracey&Mary- love the photos of you and your kids!
Amy- LOVE that middle one!
Stephanie- that last one is precious!
Lauren- CUTE!
Jen -LOVE the diaper photos! I miss CD'ing.

Worked on my speedlight on the first and last one.

sillybands2 by sadieruth, on Flickr

tball7web by sadieruth, on Flickr

tball8web by sadieruth, on Flickr

siscouchweb by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Jen, great shots! The second one is so cute -- what an awesome expression! Love the diaper one too!

Oh Lauren, your son's eyes look so vibrant and gorgeous. I love that shot!

Steph, wow, that first one is an awesome action shot there! LOL about the sand and the expression. Those "golden hour" shots are gorgeous.

Ana, pretty blues/purples in that flower!

Amy, that second shot is so beautiful. Really like the angle of the flower and how perfectly exposed it is. White flowers kill me.

Mary, wow, good for you trying to use your new macro lens while wearing a baby! The first two shots are especially nice, I think. Love the shot of you and your kids.

Sadie, that first shot is really neat. I like the comp, focus, and DOF. But the third one, seriously to die for!! What a moment!! The last is just too cute.

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Thank you!! That was one SUPER-TINY anemone flower. LOL

Stephanie, I LOVE your "golden hour" shots here, that 1st one is so great!

Sadie, your 3rd pic is so precious!

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Tracy ... your flowers are SO BEAUTIFUL! You got some great shots there, but I truly love the composition on the first one. it's such a unique take on shooting flowers and I love it! It's good to see you w/ your LOs as well. They both favor you quite a lot. Smile

Jen ... I love the face your DS is making in the igh grass. What a cutie! And that is ONE ADORABLE diaper as well!

Lauren ... WOW! those eyes must melt you right to butter! And those CURLS!!! *be still my heart*

Stephanie ... love the one of Carson flying!!! What a wonderfully boy moment w/ his daddy! You are really rocking the golden hour assignment! You've inspired me to get out there and give it a try as well.

Ana ... there's something really grabbing about a dad and kids. If only guys knew how sexy that makes them look. Wink What a neat flower! looks almost alien. LOVE IT!

Amy ... your flower shots always take my breath away. This 2nd one here is no exception! This should SO be on a post card! Or a canvas!

Mary ... looks like you had a great time w/ your new macro lens!!! I love those dainty blue blooms in the first shot! And that orchid is just down right amazing! It's good to see a shot of you w/ your LOs too! So good to put a face w/ a username. You look GREAT!

Sadie ... I always look forward to your shares! That kiss is just so sweet! You really need a nice big one of that photo! And it looks like you are getting to be great friends w/ your speed light - that last one of Ruthie is just too precious! And the light in her eyes is GREAT!

Here are a few from me:

we found THIS GUY in Logan's tub the other night at bathtime. freaked the poor kid out quite a bit, but we were able to safely catch him and release him in our front garden.

and here are a few from Logan's last soccer game of the season: