Flash back Friday: Dec 3

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Flash back Friday: Dec 3

Happy Friday, Everyone!

We didn't do one of these last week due to the holiday, so let's see your favorite shots from this week or last or whenever over the last month of so!!!

I'll bbl to post mine (I actually took a few!). Biggrin

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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I love FBF!

I got the Scrabble idea from Country Living: We put things we were thankful for:

thanksgiving1 by sadiequalls, on Flickr

Here are my kiddos at the tree farm picking out our tree!

sistreefarm1web by sadiequalls, on Flickr

bubtreefarm1web by sadiequalls, on Flickr

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Outdoor xmas lights are out...

Best picture ever! lol

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You saw some of these on my Christmas card, but here are a few more pictures from the Christmas card shoot. (the only time i took my camera out last week!)

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my favs from some my holidays sessions from last saturday:

I photographed her as a newborn and was so happy to see her again...she's about 3-4months now

bestest 2yr olds i've photographed to date. SO.DARN.CUTE!!

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These are all SOOO beautiful! Great work ladies!! I have no pics from this week other than my ornaments, and the one of Eva which I posted in the November challenge just now, and 2 I took of my SIL and her hubby for Christmas.

Seeing all these pics makes me want to get outside for more practice because lately I haven't achieved the clarity of focus that you all have shown here.... :/

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I love all of these!!

All I've really done this week is play around with my speedlite one day, so nothing spectacular.

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I haven't taken even one picture this week but here are a few from last week, from the second day of pics taking for our holiday cards.

The first one made it to the card the others did not but I still love them.





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The first is one of the only nature shots I've ever attempted. I was taking snapshots of all the kids fishing on Thanksgiving and saw this spider next to me. Maybe I'll try more one day Smile


The others are of a cold day at the beach with my DS and DH. It was sooo much fun. We'll definitely be bundling him up and taking him back this winter. I never knew the beach could be so much fun when it was colder weather!

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I finally picked up my camera today, and took a few shots of my boys on my bed.

December cuites 030wm

December cuites 032wm

December cuites 050wm

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wow they are all beautiful. This is the only time I picked my camera up last week, couldnt resist, Alana insisted on helping me cook on thanksgiving so I gave her her own pot and veggies to "cook"

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Wow, Lauren, that 2nd one is amazing.

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we're in the middle of replacing floors and painting at our house, so I don't have TOO many to share, but I wanted to get these up before I forget again. Wink