Flash back Friday: Dec 4 - 10

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Flash back Friday: Dec 4 - 10

Happy Friday Everyone!

Let's see what you've been snapping this week (or the week before - I know how busy things get this time of year).


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I've been working on trying to get some good practice taking indoor photos with a high ISO...it's not working, but here's a few!

sispiano by sadiequalls, on Flickr

Our tree:

tree by sadiequalls, on Flickr


bub&sis5 by sadiequalls, on Flickr

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I love your tree, Sadie!!!

Our home remodeling is just about over, so I was able to dig out the camera this week for a few shots:

soccer scrimmage:

(this girl is one of Loli's best friends - they go to judo together too and they always justle each other about Smile )

an ornament on the tree:

my attempt at the snow blowing pic (not nearlly as good as the inspiration, but I'll take it):

I'm hoping to get a lot more this weekend, especially of the house now that the furniture is going back in!

Take care everyone!

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awww cute, Sadie. I am hoping hoping that I'll be getting a piano soon--I grew up playing the piano in every way shape and form, but since I've lived on my own I haven't had one of my own and I greatly miss having access to one Sad ...soon I hope!

Anyway, here are a few new ones from me....

I love my country/Christmas decor Smile

Eva, and her cute new hoodie that I got at Kohl's for about $3.00!!! I love it heheh

An early setting sun after work:

one of the best, oldest buildlings on campus:

and some winter berries (have not ID'd these yet, they could be anything--campus landscapers put them in):

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Awesome shots, girls!

These are my favs from the week. I'm so glad I've gotten my camera out more this week. It makes me smile!

Just a snap, but I love it Smile

The first snow of the year.


My tree and my boys Smile
2010-12-08 01

Can you spy the kitty?
2010-12-08 02

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Great shots Jennifer!

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Thanks Amy! Have you tried your tree shots again?

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These are great! I love seeing this thread!
Amy, LOVE the sun setting picture, very nice!
Jen, the one of Ray and Rylee is so cute. And I adore #2 and 4! Such a pretty tree.

Here are a couple of mine. Trying to get Dani to both look AND smile at the camera is tough, but I'll take the eye contact here!

dani by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

And here is my little guy, Jaxon, who is always full of smiles!

jax2 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

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I'll play! I'm still just trying to make myself shoot more and more in manual...so my outcomes are still not great, but I'm learning!! Smile

My beautiful girl, who has realized that she can't stand Mommy's camera. Sad

My handsome boy, who hasn't yet realized the evils of Mommy's camera!

And, my tree! I've taken eleventy-billion pictures of it...and none have really turned out the way I wanted, but I'm going to keep trying!

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Thanks Jamie! So cute Jamie & Brandi!! Jennifer, I haven't gotten out my tripod yet for it...I'll do it tonight Smile

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These are actually from yesterday since I shared everything from last weekend already.

It was Lillianna's first overnight Girl Scout camping trip. I loved this little stepping stone path made up of GS badges.

Campground01 by Little Flores Photography, on Flickr

And while she was away at camp I had time to myself, but no model, so I wandered my almost barren yard and played. These are what's left on my crepe myrtles - just the seed pods

crepe myrtle 01 by Little Flores Photography, on Flickr