Flash back Friday: Feb 4 - 11

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Flash back Friday: Feb 4 - 11

Happy Friday everyone! Can I get a "WHOOP!"?

I hope you are all looking forward to your weekend. For a change, I'm not scheduled to work. The temps are supposed to jump back into the 60Fs and it's opening weekend for soccer! What more could a girl ask for?! Biggrin

Let's see what shots you got this last week or so and give everyone something to smile about as we kick off our weekends.

Take care!


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TGIF! It's been a long week; poor Eva's been sick since Sunday, with only a brief "break" on Wednesday when we thought she was over it Sad

I finally got a decent shot of a crescent moon, the night of 2/8/11....it was so extremely COLD that night that I couldn't stay out long, it was literally only a couple degrees F so my fingers were going numb, my tripod was freezing, and I didn't want to freeze my camera, even if it was "just" my Fuji LOL!

Another one here, inspired by Loida's neat stack of books, is my stack of my favorite novels of all time; Jane Austen's! lol

Not much else besides these water droplet shots I took back on 2/6....very quick session, not as beautifully detailed as Jennifer's, but I still like them.

(the rest are at Flickr; but again it was just a quick session so it could have been much better)

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Amy, the moon shot is beautiful! And I really love the first water droplet one where it's coming out of the faucet. Some amazing stuff.

I saw on another site some really incredible, out-of-this-world amazing photos in a photo challenge (I'd be happy to share it here, but I'm not sure if that's OK? Some sites don't like you to share other sites...) but anyway, there was one beautiful water droplet photo there that I knew could be bested by some of the people on this board!

My shares are very simple basic stuff, but anyway, here ya go. The first is a snap of my son Micah, taken with the same blue tint problem I had with my daughter that I posted about earlier this week. It's not a great shot but it makes me smile with the hat and glasses:

Then two photos of some cookies I baked this week:

Happy Friday everyone!

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Ooooh, very nice Tracy!!! YUMMMM the cookies look so perfect! Cute shot of your boy too Smile Thanks for the compliments!

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My friend's DS on his 1st birthday Smile


Jackson and his new BFF at the party,



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Oh, Amy! That crescent moon looks AMAZING! I think I'll wait for warmer weather though to try it myself. Wink And I just LOVE that first dripping faucet shot! WOW!

Tracy ... I love those shades on your boy! What a cutie! And I think I have put on 5 lbs just looking at those cookie pictures (not to mention you've got me crazing chocolate like crazy now)!

Here's a couple from me.

First ... it's opening weekend for spring soccer, so Loli donned his new uniform and consented to a few pics.

and a couple more from our 'walk about' last Sunday:

Take care everyone!


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Amy, fantastic moon shot! I do hope that Miss Eva gets to feeling better really soon.

Tracy, those cookies look delicious, now I want some and am on a diet...argh!

Kristen, what a little cutie! I love the clarity and your processing.

GiGi, tell Loli I said good luck for his opening game of the season. Love the look on his face in the second shot and the last shot is fab, totally looks like something my eldest would do, lol!

This week has been a quiet one for me. I am torn between the shot of all the boys and the shot & Zack & I for COTW.

No week would be complete without at least 1 wildlife shot from me, lol!

Untitled by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

Totoal snapshot, but I love it

39/365 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

Zack & I

Does my baby look big in this vignette? by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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Amy, the moon shot is fantastic! I really like the first water drop coming out of the faucet as well.

Tracy, your little guy is soooo cute, I just love sunglasses on little kids! And I have to pretend like I didn't just see those cookie pictures, I JUST started a diet 2 days ago. mmmmm coooookies.....

Kris, I love that little guys shirt!! So cute. Your pictures are always soooooooooooo perfectly clear and sharp. awesome!

Gigi, he is such a handsome boy, omg!

Ok ok, a few from me...

I like to call this one 'Mr. GQ"

j4 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

and in colour...

j3 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

He loves the front window

window2 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

And finally just a cute one of the kids and my mom

fam by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

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"connorsmum" wrote:

Tracy, those cookies look delicious, now I want some and am on a diet...argh!

LOL, I'm on a diet too and haven't even eaten one myself, so I feel your pain! Biggrin

Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots! LOVE the slide shot and the one of you and Zack. So precious. And Jamie, the window shot is really sweet!

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"WHOOP!!!" - that's for you Gigi.. lol

Amy - the crescent moon shot it so nice and eerie. And Jane Austen's sense and sensibility is one of my favorite book and the movie adaptation by Ang Lee is the best! Col. Brandon! lol

Tracy - that cookie is making me soo hungry. I have been counting calories since the beginning of this year and it ain't fun at all!

Kristen - what lovely boys! I like the shirt on that little kid. That is too cute. I bet Jackson had fun bouncing inside that bounce house.

Gigi - I like the new uniform. Big fan of red here! Good luck to Loli on his first soccer game.

Kerry - Love your wildlife shots - this is from your backyard? Love your B/W conversion! The last one is so precious, I vote to get this on a canvas.

Jamie - your son is too cute. He must really like that front window lol.

Here is mine for this week. Just snaps of my kiddos.

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Great shots this week everyone! Lovin' them!

I've had a week full of workers in the house fixing our shower, so I haven't been able to take much of anything besides snaps of the kids.

First bubble bath Smile

Boy, I just love his eyes!

And Carson has some killer eyelashes!

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Natalie has been sick all week so my photography has been on hold.

Here is a snapshot I took of her on one of her better days, not the strongest photo but I love the look on her face, I also like how well it captured her eyes. I think I could do some editing and make this one look great.

And a snapshot of my cat being a goof ball, excuse the laundry on the bed.