Flash back Friday: Jan 28 - Feb 4

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Flash back Friday: Jan 28 - Feb 4

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm enjoying our one snow day of the year (we rarely get these in this part of TX). I hope everyone else has a great day and a wonderful weekend.

If you get the chance, share a few shots from your week.

I'll bbl w/ mine. Time for some hot chocolate!


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Hope you're having a snuggly day, GiGi! They're the best! Smile

I guess I'll start, I only have a few this week....my 2 kitties....

Tigger meowing:

Tigger doing his usual intense stare:

And Ashes, blurry I know.....but she was SO hard to photograph that time because she was NOT looking no matter what I did to get her attention, until this last second....she was worse than Eva! LOL it didn't help that Eva was nearby making Ashes nervous....and the room was dark....blah blah blah:

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Is it seriously friday already!? This week flew by!

Love the kitties Amy, they are so cuuuuuute! I really #2

Hmmm, let's see what I have to share this week...

This first one I took for my 365. My uncle passed away that day, and one of his favorite things to do was play Euchre...so, here's the perfect hand, just for him!

Day 30 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

just my plant in the window

cactus2 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

just a snap of DH and DD sharing a milkshake!

milkshake4 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

and, this week I got a set of extension tubes, so I've been playing around with those! This is my favorite so far....macro is FUN!

Day 34 by JamieMarie1, on Flickr

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Those are soooooooooooo wonderful, Jamie, really beautiful work.

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Amy, those pictures of your cats make me miss my furbaby. Sweet.

Jamie, so love that macro shot. And the one of your DH and DD and the milkshake is one of the memory books.

I don't have lots to share. One snap of my kids wearing some aprons I made them:

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Don't post a lot but I do lurk a few times a week....

My little guys in their Superman Jammies on a snowday

02112 by Leigh Ann Kopans (the Littlest Birds Photography), on Flickr

Me and my babies in the snow

IMG_9421 by Leigh Ann Kopans (the Littlest Birds Photography), on Flickr

Eating markers like her big brother

33/365 - First Lipstick by Leigh Ann Kopans (the Littlest Birds Photography), on Flickr

My girl during her "lady time" yesterday morning

34/365 - More to Love by Leigh Ann Kopans (the Littlest Birds Photography), on Flickr


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Cute pictures, everyone! Amy, Caleb was sitting on my lap when I first went through this thread and he loved your kitties! He said the last one looked like a "big, bad kitty". Smile

We went sledding at my parent's house last weekend with my brother, sister in law and their two kids. My parents have an AWESOME sledding hill! Here's my cutie-pie niece Emma. She's 6 months older than Caleb:

And, Abby right before she did a "belly flop" (aka, sliding down the hill on your belly):

And, finally a picture of my DH - I was trying to capture his pretty eyes:

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Amy, beautiful pictures of your kitty! Love those eyes!

Jamie that macro shot is beautiful--I love water drop shots!

Leigh Ann, yay! HIIII!!!!!!!!!! Love those pictures! That Nesi tooshy shot is totally awesome.

I've been really sucky about posting, sorry. Sad Here's a couple shots from the other day.

Flickr oversharpened this, but oh well. I didn't even do much of a sharpen for web on it...

This still makes me laugh...

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Those are some awesome green eyes Amy!!

Love that 3rd one Jamie!

Those aprons are adorable, Tracy!

Leigh Ann, those are some way awesome chunky thighs!

The eyes are definately the first thing I noticed, Krista.

Those last two seriously made me laugh, Meagan!

This week, we were suppose to get a blizzard. I was actually kinda looking forward to the picture opportunities, but turns out, all we got was just a lot of sleet and a bit of snow. I did manage to get a couple of icicile pictures though.

Carson's Slinky

A total snap, but I loved how he was posing like the Slinky Wink

And finally, my very serious little guy

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@Meagan, your boys are so gorgeous! Their eyes are so sharp in your shots.
@Steph, can't believe that ice. Your slinky shot is mesmerizing.

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Thanks everyone! These are all wonderful! Meagan, my daughter (3 1/2) really loved your kids' photos, she giggled! Smile

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Oh wow ladies, some amazing shots this week.

pixybellstarr - love the bubba's expression
Steph - love the ice shots
Meaghan - love the shot of your youngest attacking his brother. So cute
Krista - your daughter is beautiful

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Loving this weeks shots, so many cute kids (and cats!)

DSC_2196 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

My youngest son (and his girly hair, lol!)

32/365 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

34/365 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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WOW, guys! You never fail to amaze me! There are SO MANY wonderful shots here this week!!!

Here's a few from me:

my puppy princess:

having fun on our snow day:

our pretty little "girl next door":


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Leigh Ann- That baby bum!!!!!! Oh. my. gosh. So adorable!!!!!

I know I don't post much but I do lurk. Biggrin