Flash Back Friday, Jan 6-13

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Flash Back Friday, Jan 6-13

I know it's Friday the 13th and I know we haven't had one of these in a few weeks, but let's dig through and see what snaps we have to share for the first part of 2012!

Take care,

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Hi GiGi! Hope you've had a good week!

I've already shared a couple of these elsewhere, but here are a few from me. My first is my fave shot with the loaner DSLR:
Nora & Micah Townsend

And just playing with some stuff:
Little Man Shoes

Join Me for Java

Good to the Last Bite

Also, this is from Christmas, but I haven't shared it and it's super-cute. Just a snap with flash on my P&S too, but he is too adorable not to share Wink
Harry Potter

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Oh my goodness, that glasses pic is great! Love it!

Here's some from our week:
Funny how we were outside comfortable at the beginning of the week....
(He's "building" a tree)

But playing in the snow at the end of the week.

Jackson fell and busted his lip Sad

Then, my poor baby had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin Sad

(Sorry about the dates on some of them...they're from my 356 blog)

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Just a few from me.

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Tracy- I need chocolate now!
Stephanie- that one of the allergic reaction made me sad. Was he miserable?
Cazz- I AM LOVING the edit on the second to last one. Care to share? And I also adore that last one!

Mine are just snaps from this month or so.

My niece took this one for us.

Our loved Jack

Silliness with oranges

*Supposed*to be napping....

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Steph, aw, that's so sad about the allergic reaction! Poor kid!

Cazz, excellent work. Love the mood of the third one.

Sadie, so nice seeing pictures of you and DH! And really cute "napping" shot!

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I don't know if they were wrong for everyone, but they were wrong on mine, and I reposted them. I don't know why that happened! Weird!

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Tracey - that chocolate is making me hungry! And I love the glasses pic.
Steph - poor Jackson!
Cazz - love the last photo
Sadie - I really like the "napping" shot. My kids love their pillow pets Smile

Mine are more snaps than anything

DS learning to ride his motorbike

IMG_1200edit by Gem_D, on Flickr

At the lake

IMG_1217 by Gem_D, on Flickr

At the lake

IMG_1214edit by Gem_D, on Flickr

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