Flash back Friday: July 1 - 8

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Flash back Friday: July 1 - 8

Happy Friday my click happy friends! I hope this week (especially with the holidays in Ca and the US) have given you plenty of opportunity to snap away!

Regardless of whether you got the chance to see the world from behind your lens, pick a few favorites from the week or month or beyond and share them with us here.

Take care and have a GREAT weekend!


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This should have been under last week's thread but here is the little cake I made for Eva's birthday evening at home last Thursday 6/30 (she helped me decorate it!):

And a few other new ones that I have worked on (I still haven't worked on any zoo pics from last weekend though, so I am still behind!!)

Silver-spotted Skipper butterfly in my garden:

Clearwing Sphinx Moth in my garden:

I'll post more if I can work on a few more soon...

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My Daughter the day before her 3rd Birthday

One of her on her Birthday

and my boys

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Oh how I love this thread!

LOVE that cake, Amy!!! but you must have had blue EVERYWHERE after that! Biggrin

You have just beautiful kids, pixybellestarr! Your dd's eyes just melt me right to butter and it looks like she had a great bday!

I didn't get my camera out much this week (dang work), but I did snap these of a friend's dd who turned 1 last weekend:

she was not at ALL interested in the cake

her big brother was though Smile

Take care everyone!

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Amy that cake looks scrumptious!

Pixybellestarr such lovely kids you have!

Gigi Yo gabba gabba cake is the bomb! What a pretty girl.

Here is mine. My oldest turned four. I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

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Here are a few of mine from this week.

I've been in a real funk lately, and I think I need to pick up my camera more. It is such a stress reliever for me. It almost always puts me in a better mood when I pick it up.

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Love everyone's shares this week! Looks like there are a lot of kid's birthdays too...my DD's is on Monday Smile

Stephanie, LOVE that first shot.

Here are a few more from my trip...I'm finally beginning to edit.


Not taken by me (obviously) but here's me, hubby, his brother, and cousins in Mykonos






I'm not finished yet, but you can view the entire set on my Flickr...Here

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So many birthdays this week, all these cakes are making me very sugar-hungry hehe
i will have to look for some to post Smile its been a busy week Biggrin