Flash back Friday: June 17 - 24

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Flash back Friday: June 17 - 24

Happy happy Friday everyone! I know the day is half over already, but I hope you'll still take the time to stop and share a few of your favorite shots from the last week or so.

Take care and have a GREAT weekend everyone!


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This is the only photo I've gotten off my camera since last week. I've got a few flower shots, but nothing edited yet.

This just makes me smile Smile
2011-06-18 03

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This one for me.

My fave shot of last weekend Biggrin

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mine from this week

Found a turtle in the middle of the road!

Better safe than sorry I guess

And I jumped into RAW and re discovered how wonderful lightroom can be

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i actually have a few!
My littlest guy Owen

my cuz from IL was in town so we went down to the San Clemente pier, i look like a pack mule pretty much all the time these days lol!

If I wouldn't have chopped that hand this would be a framer!


some bees!

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Here is a couple from our trip to Hotsprings Arkansas this week. These were taken with my very very old point and shoot b/c my Canon was in the shop. Really wish i would have had my good camera! Could have practice on taking some nature shots!

On the way there. They were sleepy! I love this pic of DH. He doesn't like it so much!

The boys were so tired this night they didn't even wake up when we got them out of their car seats and back to the hotel room!

Me and my wee man on top of the mountain tower

Family picture on top of the mountain tower

View of downtown Hotsprings Arkansas

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Jennifer- soooo makes me smile too! LOVE it!
Sophie- that first one is adorable!
Nichole- Hot Spring is such a neat spot! My dream is to do an engagement shoot or a senior shoot downtown!

Here are two of mine playing in the sprinkler. Sorry, if you read my blog, you are seeing these again.

I have more to share, but will be uploading those a bit later b/c I need some serious cc.

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Kaci I love your first two bee shots!!

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"Amy_&_Eva" wrote:

Kaci I love your first two bee shots!!

thanks, girl! they're lovin' that sweet lavender right now. as am i! it smells so wonderful!

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My little guy just turned three. Most of the time I am trying to not tear my hair out with him, but wanted to capture his sweet side too!

And my girls... I am normally not a fan of super "traditional" poses, but I still like this one!

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Lavender is one plant I don't have yet that I really have wanted for a long time! I need to get some to add to my wildflower garden!!

I was away this weekend on a fun trip to Baltimore, but wouldn't you know it, my camera card decided to NOT save any pics I took on the trip, and I didn't realize it till yesterday when we were headed home Sad sucks big time, because I had pics of the Orioles baseball game from very close seats near home plate, and we went to the National Aquarium, and also I took pics of the U.S.S. Constellation, and the big Hard Rock Cafe there, and the harbor, and lots of stuff Sad

Anyway, here are some of my newest stuff that I already edited for web end of last week...

1. bumblebee on lance-leaved coreopsis

2. tiny baby grasshopper on butterflyweed

3. lance-leaved coreopsis

4. another long-legged fly (I love these super-tiny guys)

5. from my garden--'Hello Yellow' butterflyweed...I LOVE butterflyweed (I have the wild orange kind too)

6. a Rudbeckia coneflower

7. a Red Milkweed Beetle

8. a honeybee who was resting very still on the butterflyweed...

LOTS more at Flickr & FB--I will stop at 8 here today LOL!