Flash back Friday: June 3 - 10

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Flash back Friday: June 3 - 10

Happy, happy Friday everyone! I hope this week has found you all well and with plenty of photo opportunities. Smile

As I mentioned in another thread, things have been a little ... tense ... for me lately, but this thread has been one I keep going back to over and over again for inspiration and just as a break from the grind.

Thank you to everyone who so freely shares. I truly love this thread and hope that you will all take a few moments to share your favorite shots from the last week or two.


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I'm way behind in my sharing, so I thought I'd pull a few of my favorites from the last month or so to share today. Hopefully I can stay on top of things in the weeks to come.

Logan's last day of 3rd grade:

my guys monkeying around at the dojo:

Carlos practicing:

the boys playing Angry Birds (& comparing notes on how to be various levels):

a collage with some of the MMA photos I took recently:

Have a great week folks!


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I will come back later, but I have to say I love the family pics this week GiGi. I also want that chicks body!! GREAT collage!

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My boys Smile Not quite feeling the conversion on this one though.

Brothers copy2

Jackson in our garden,


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Gigi - Loli is such a handsome young boy. You better watch out there will be lots of girls swooning over him Smile
That angry bird picture cracks me up.
Kristen - Great photos. May I see the first one in color?

Here are some snaps of my kiddos - trying to get into the swing of this again. Work has been hectic and busy and I haven't had time to play around with the camera.

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El that first one is so sharp, love it! I will try to get up the color. It is actually 2 merged together because Jackson was being a pill.

I'm home by myself with Colby for the next 2 days and get to have some fun Smile I have some pics to take for a friend's etsy shop.


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Gigi, love the photos of your boys! I need to get better about just taking photos for me. LOVE the angry birds one, Rylee loves when I play it Smile

Kristin, yeah, I'm not a fan of that conversion either, but it's an awesome photo!! That last one of Colby is just precious, great focus and DOF with the blanket.

El, I'm happy you're getting back in the swing of things! I can't believe your LO is already a year old.

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Back from a week stay at Disney World! I'll share a couple of snaps. I mostly kept my camera in Auto, but did switch it over to Manual a few times when I had some time to think Wink

Carson's first time eating mouse ears ice cream. He made a MESS!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie.

Carson was SO excited to meet Woody! I love the sets that they had. It really looks like he's on Andy's bed Smile

DH taking Carson on the Teacups. I jumped into Manual for this one. I should probably straighten it up, but I'm tired Wink

Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. (Manual again)

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I have lots of favorites from this week, although I haven't gotten my own kids in front of the camera much... This little one was a sweetheart and by far the easiest newborn I have ever done... LOTS more on my blog and FB (http://photosbyejrussell.blogspot.com/)

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Great pictures everyone, I haven't gotten around to mine from last week.

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Kristen ... I actually kind of like the conversion w/ your boys. Such a sweet shot, no matter what. I just adore Jackson's expression. You can tell how proud he is to be a big brother. And his eyes look so bright and beautiful. You must melt when you see them together.

El ... Alexander's photo truly made me LOL. I love it! And Brandon is growing up way too fast - you need to put a stop to that at once. I love the superman shirt. I remember (quite fondly) Loli's super hero days and I miss them so much. hang on to it while you can. Also, that pic of Brandon in your sig ... WOW!!!! He looks so grown up there. Also, looks like he's ready to model for Polo. Smile

Kristen ... that hat is TO DIE FOR!!!! such a wonderfully sweet shot. I'll bet you got LOTS while you were home alone w/ Colby. Smile You should post some more (& fuel my baby fever).

Stephanie ... I love the ice cream face! Does he look pleased w/ himself or WHAT?! Disney looks like a blast! I especially love the pic of DH and Carson on the teacups. And the fireworks too! So jealous!

What an adorable babe, Beth! That hat is too precious and her sleepy smile is so contagious! I'm off to your blog to see more. Smile

You guys are the BEST! Thanks for playing!


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Hi, I'm continually working on pics and don't have all of last week's done yet, LOL but here are some from this past week...kind of a biology lesson heheh

1. first instar grasshopper nymph (the tinest of tiny!!!!!!!!!!)

2. I love the fuzzy spirals (pistils) of the female begonia flowers--I have several photos like this.

I never realized that begonias were monoecious until this year--I never owned any till this spring!

3. just my Gerber Daisy with rain collected in its center...

4. a very cool "new" spider species in my garden: an Oxyopes sp. lynx spider, looks like he's made of gold!!

5. Japanese maple (red even in spring)

6. I love the iridescence of the tortoise beetles--and they can change color instantly if disturbed---to a glittering shiny gold in this species. They are one of the coolest insects ever. Even though they eat morning glory leaves lol

7. REALLY tiny katydid nymph (not sure which species, probably Scudderia sp.) on Bishopweed flowers

8. tiny inchworm caterpillar (probably a type of Geometer moth)

that's all the nature stuff that's done so far....and here are 2 snaps of my goofy Eva:

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Amy, I LOVE that caterpillar shot!

Great captures everyone!

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I hope it is ok: We have had a lazy week at home so I didn't pull my camera out much, but my daughter did lose her first top tooth on Sunday. So here is a before and after taken a within a couple hours of each other. These were quickly edited with Picasa I haven't touched the RAW's yet.


From 2011-06-14 001


From 2011-06-14 001