Flash back Friday: Mar 4 - 11

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Flash back Friday: Mar 4 - 11

sorry I'm late getting to this today - it's been that kind of day (that kind of week)!

happy Friday everyone! Let's see your favorites from this week (or this month). Just SHARE!

Have a good weekend!


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Here are some shots I took on Monday afternoon, when the last of the snow was melting and it was kind of warm out and just a pretty day (warm for us anyway!)..the same day that I took the iris sprout photo that I posted in the spring COTW.

Chives are peeking out:

I called this the "lonely lichen":

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Yay, it's Friday!!! Amy, as always I love your nature stuff. It's great to see the chives poking through, spring is just around the corner now. Love the lonelylichen too, well spotted!

It's been a busy week for me, lots of editing was done, I went to a photography exhibition on Sunday and then did a glamour shoot yesterday. I have found that I really enjoy photographing adults and especially the glamour/boudoir/fashion side of things. I think I have fallen in love a little, lol! It also feels good to be practicing on someone other than my kids.

DSC_3848web by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

DSC_4045full lengthweb by Madhouseof5, on Flickr


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Amy - love those chives! Can't wait for spring/summer!!!

Kerry - Wowza! Those are some gorgeous models and photos!

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Yay for Friday! I am so glad that daylight savings time is coming - which means more light later during the day, no more being stuck in doors!

Amy - your nature pictures are awesome! I love that moss picture.

Kerry - wow, #2 is perfection!

Here are just snaps I've been taking...

My little guy. He is going to turn one next week!

Shot of his little eye lashes.

This is awhile back... just able to process it now!

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Amy, those are so beautiful. I love how you take such beautiful photos of the smallest little bits of "ordinary" nature -- stuff that we see all the time and take for granted and don't really see the beauty in.

Kerry, wow!

El, oh man, just love that last one. Your little guy is adorable at his play table too!

The only one of my kids this week -- being funny at the table:

This one's a bit of a cheat -- a little older than this past week but I never shared this except in the triptych (?) thread in smaller form, and it's much better than an earlier one I did ask for C&C on.

And other stuff from this week:

This next one was just a bit of an exercise for me in doing something with a backdrop, which I have never done before. I have really no good backdrops at all, so this is a towel and the texture isn't so beautiful, but it was just something to try. (I was thinking later I should've taken a bite out of the top apple to make it a little more fun!)

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Amy, wow, you have a wonderful eye for nature photography. Love your colors and clarity!

Kerry, :picksjawupoffthefloor: Seriously awesome work there!! Very impressed!

El, we have that some leap frog table, Jake LOVES it! So cute!

Tracy, that apple shot is really cool! I actually like the texture of the paper towels lol.

Here are a few from this week...actually March 5th to be exact. It marked one year from my first hospitalization at 28 weeks with my little Jake. It was a scary time so I am beyond thrilled to see my thriving little baby one year later. Smile They are all snapshots, but I was capturing his day. It's what I was going for. Smile

This one isn't focused properly but I heart it anyway!

Eating my lens cap...

With his favorite Toy, again!
Hi Mama!

He loves his blankie!

And my siggy, but in B&W Smile

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Wow, looks like everyone had a great week with their photos!
Hope I dont miss anyone...

Amy- I am so in love with your nature work. You are amazing!

Kerry- just WOW. awesome awesome pictures!

El- your boys are just so so cute! Love #3

Tracy- Love the sillyness of the pics of your kids! Too cute! I love that ladscape one...beautiul!

Meagan- OK, seriously, your little guy is adorable! Every time you share a picture of him I have to giggle, he just seems like such a character! I love the one of the two of them laughing, how precious is that.

I have been serverly lazy with my photography lately. Basically I'm just trying to keep up with my 365, and not really being creative in any way. I do have a few to post, but not enough time right now! Just wanted to comment on how great everyone's photos are Smile

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nothing for me to share...no editing last week.. working on some today, Liam is 7 months old today! wow!

Amy- I love the one of whatever the yellow/silver is
Kerry - amazing and beautiful, Love that 2nd shot
El - Your boys are so sweet! love the shots, the clarity is amazing
Tracy - cool shot of the apples, and I love that fence!
Meagan - love the shot of your boys laughing, so sweet

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Amy - I just love your nature photos! I don't know that I can choose a favorite!

Kerry - Great shots! I think I like the second one the best, though they're all awesome!

El - That last one is great!! Love the look on his face!

Tracy - Love the fence and the apple shot! You haven't been giving yourself enough credit!

Meagan - Those eyes are great! So big and adorable!

Here's a few from my week

It was nice enough to play outside last Friday!

Cute little curl on Jackson's neck

We had Jackson's first birthday party yesterday! Just a couple of snaps from it.

Finished with his cake. (He held on to the mint in his hand the entire time!)

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Meagan, the pictures of your little one warm my heart. Love the one of him laughing at his brother lying on the floor. GREAT moment!

Stephanie, fun birthday pictures! Your guys are so cute!

(And BTW, I'm always kind of amazed when you guys say these are "just snaps"... the quality of those "snaps" is fantastic!!)

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Busy weekend so a bit late here, wonderful pictures everyone.

I just love the looks my dog gave me for these.

This was done in automatic.

Playing with Manual.

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What a cute dog, Amanda!

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Wonderful photos everyone! Thanks for the kind words!! The yellow and "silver" pic is actually lichens & moss on a tree trunk! Smile

Kerry, those shots are gorgeous!

Tracy, I love your apple photo, great colors!

El, I LOVE that 1st pic, what a cute expression! And that last one, I already said how much I love that one at Flickr Smile

Meagan, I like that laughing one too, so precious.

Stephanie, what an adorable birthday theme! I LOVE the cake.