Flash back Friday: May 20 - 27

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Flash back Friday: May 20 - 27

Sorry this is late guys ... been one of those days (& weeks, and months).

ANYWAY ... time to break out your favorite shots of the last couple of weeks and share them w/ us here.

Take care,

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I needed a break from editing, so here I am, lol! Plus I missed last week somehow.

Last week we lost our female rabbit to a fox Sad On Thursday we picked up a new lady friend for our boy bunny. This is Brie:

Introducing Brie! by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

And I can't share Brie without including my handsome boy, Biscuit:
Biscuit - 140/365

Yesterday was my eldest boy's 10th birthday :eek: I knew the forecast for yesterday was rain (and boy, did it rain) so we went out to take his birthday portraits the day before. My favourite I think


As we were heading back to the car I spotted this 10 sign along the railway track. It was a "light railway", the steam train only runs at weekend and holidays. It isn't perfect, the light went tricky and the crop if very tight and he doesn't look as natural as he could, but how can I not like the idea?


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Just one shot for me, my cactus started blooming last week and I got some shots of it early this week this is my favourite, it is SOOC.

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Love the train idea, and your bunnies are too cute!

Here is a cute little storyboard I threw together yesterday. He was talking to me with his little "goooos" There are a couple blown spots from pp.. I didn't notice until I had already flattened, so I just left it Smile

Oliver storyboard by laurenm123, on Flickrurl], on Flickr

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beautiful Amanda!

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Sorry to hear you're still so swamped, GiGi. Sad Hope there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

Muddee, that is very pretty!

Kerry, your pets are adorable. Love the ears on the bunny! And wow, LOVE the first one of your son. Wonderful location and he is a handsome 10-year-old! Amazing find with the "10" sign by the tracks -- awesome!!

Here's a few from me -- the first was just taken today and it reminds me why I'm in love with my daughter's eyes.
Sweet Innocence

These are tiny little flowers, maybe 3mm.
Tiny flowers

Snail in lilac tree

Sorry, taken with on-board flash, but no other choice... she was too cute not to.
Perks of helping the cook!

A dying buttercup:
Demise of a buttercup

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Great shots everyone! Gosh it feels like forever since last FBF thread. Here are some of my newest faves. I have other new ones in the "golden hour" assignment thread, and at FB & Flickr of course. Darn Flickr for making them look softer than they were/are....

I have more from the past 1-2 weeks that I haven't edited yet...more purple irises which turned out neat Smile hopefully will have some new stuff later today.