Flash back Friday: May 6 - 13

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Flash back Friday: May 6 - 13

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all had a great week and are ready to share your favorite shots with us all.

If you don't have any from this week, don't despair - just dig back another week or two and let us see what you've got.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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Despite another crazy work week around here, I managed to grab a couple of snaps for the week.

First ... this was my mother's day breakfast!

My boys made chocolate covered bacon (oh heaven), macadamia nut belgian waffles w/ chocolate ice cream, fresh pineapple slices w/ chocolate sauce, and organic chocolate milk! Talk about chocolate over load! I didn't eat again until Monday morning. Smile

and here is one of me and my boy that evening trying out my new reflector they gave me:

Logan is all done w/ soccer games for this spring, but he still has a few practices left, so I took advantage and grabbed a few 'golden hour' shots:

(& don't tell, but he has a little crush on the girl in the blue penny behind him. *giggle*)

That's it for me. I am hoping this next week to really dust off the camera again and get back to learning some new tricks.


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Wow, GiGi, that Mother's Day breakfast looks amazing! Your guys really went all out!!! I love the picture of you and Logan together too. It's very sweet. And the girl he has a crush on is cute, no wonder. Biggrin

I have so many shots, I don't know where to start. We went to visit my parents last weekend and hit the zoo together. I was proud of myself for shooting in manual the whole time, indoors and out, full midday sun and cloudy and rainy weather -- we had it all in one trip to the zoo. But there are too many to share, so if anyone's interested in looking here's a link to the set on Flickr.

Here's a bunch of others:

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Gigi - Your Mother's Day breakfast looks AMAZING! Did you say chocolate-covered bacon?! I have never heard of such a thing!! It sounds yummy!! Love the pic of you and Logan! How SWEET!

Tracy - I love love love #1! That is an awesome shot! You amaze me that this is with your P&S! Smile Love the shoe one, too! I have a similar one like that from a couple of months ago!

Here are a few of mine from the week...

Another Golden Hour attempt.

Mother's Day Nature Walk! Different sort of PP.

And a B&W from the same walk.

The HS neighbors were revving their engines very loudly. Wink

Water table play!


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Tracy! LOVE #1! Now I need that shot for myself! Wink

GiGi - So jealous of that breakfast!

Jen - Your guys are awesome. Love #2!!

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GiGi, that breakfast looks TDF! Love the shot of you and your boy and I can see why Logan would have a little cruch on the girl in the shot Wink

Tracy, well done on shooting fully Manual. I rarely do unless lighting is tricky or I am after a certain look. Your kiddos are too cute but I LOVE the shoe shot, what a great idea and it will be something to treasure. My eldest is going to be 10 very soon and may as well wear the boxes the shoes come in, lol!

Jen, I LOVE the 1st shot. I'm a huge fan of the glory hour.

Right, from me we have some very random shots - stuff that I shot JUST for me... snaps! I am so bad at trying to make every picture perfect that sometimes I forget why I wanted to take the shot in the first place, kwim? I do have some stuff from an amazing workshop I did recently, but will do a separate post for that.

My grandparents:

125/365 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

Some of you know that we have been raising tadpoles for the last 2 months or so. We finally found our 1st froglet on Sunday, we named him Tim as he ws tiny, lol!

Tiny Tim by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

And Zack turned 2 1/2 on Saturday. This shows off his personality very well (and my new watermark that I have been messing with)

2 1/2! by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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Just a few from me this week. I haven't been picking up my camera as much lately.

Mother's Day

Actually got a little half-smile Wink

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I love seeing everyone's pics on Fridays, just one share from me, it was my failed attempt at golden hour due to overcast skies, but I like the way it turned out.

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Tracey- love the first one!
Amanda- I have had the same issue- no sunlight in the evening.
Steph- LOVE that first one!
Kerry- Zack is a DOLL!
Jen- your water table play looks like so much fun!
GiGi- chocolate covered bacon? I might have to try that....

I am a sucker for dirty toes and scraped up knees.

toes2 by sadieruth, on Flickr

toes by sadieruth, on Flickr
He was WORN out!

tuckered out1 by sadieruth, on Flickr
This was one of my favs from my recent photo shoot!

B&W1-8x10web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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GiGi, I WANT THAT BREAKFAST!!!! I've always wanted to try choco covered bacon...maybe one day!

Tracy, that dandelion is beautiful! I love those perspective shots. The focus is just amazing.

Awesome job everyone else!

Should I post my own share thread? I've got TONS to share!!!

Went to the outer banks last weekend....I did NOT wake up for sun rise photos...if any of you are on my private FB, you can probably surmise that it was an exciting trip Smile

Here are a few from the car trip down.
2011-05-05 03

2011-05-05 05

2011-05-05 04

A loverly copper head swimming in their pond 6 feet from the back deck...
2011-05-06 03

Twin nieces of the bride.
2011-05-07 07

2011-05-07 06

And a fireworks photo from this evening...I've got TONS to cull through. Just thought this one was neat.
2011-05-13 01

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That copperhead freaked me out!

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Jen, I really like your golden hour shot. It feels like an artistic bent on an ordinary, everyday activity -- being outside with your kids. The expression in the last water table shot is sooo cute!

Kerry, the shot of your grandparents is wonderful. It makes me so regret that I didn't take more pictures of my maternal grandparents (they both passed away in the past nine months), and that when I did, I didn't know what I was doing to get a great shot like this to remember them by. The shot of Zack is so awesome! Love that upside-down smile and the hair!

Steph, awwww, the first one melts my heart!!!

Muddee, blue skies are the best!

Sadie, look at those toes! So cute!

Jennifer, I love that second shot. So simple and serene! Ewww to the copperhead though. Gives me shivers. The pictures of the girls are super-cute, love those dresses and that umbrella! You caught them beautifully!

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big share

Great pics everyone! I am just now feeling like my head is on straight enough to remember what pics I can post here, LOL. I have so many though that this is just a tiny sampling, heheh

Here are a few recent ones from me:

More at Flickr & FB...and I am still working on several more from earlier in the month so check back for those....I am pretty sure I have better shots of "my" hummingbird too.

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Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower! We tried to plant some here, but I couldn't get it to take off. I think we're going to try again sometime.