Flash back Friday (on Monday)

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Flash back Friday (on Monday)

SORRY FOLKS! I worked two 40-hour weeks last week, so it totally slipped my mind to post the Flasback Friday thread.

I'm a couple of days late, but let's see those snaps from last week people and brighten this Monday up a bit.



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One of my 2 furbabies. She's a ham! One of my faves from the last week or so, dubious cloning included!

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Eva the flowergirl at our friend's wedding Saturday:

and a Snowberry Clearwing moth in my garden...

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2010-08-21 06

DH and I having fun with my remote Wink
2010-08-21 19

FINALLY a pic of my baby girl!
2010-08-23 02

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Well it was my 36th birthday on the 14th and I had family and friends over for a party.

Here are two snaps from it.

My gorgeous nephew Seth who is almost 9 months

and my birthday cake, which I made. you cant see it in the picture its covered in black edible glitter but it looks quite dull here.

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I love that cake!! I have some pics to post but not sure if Ill get around to posting them

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one of Ry playing in the yard a couple days ago...

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Here is one of my little toddler...

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I didn't take any of my own kids (although my nanny always takes fun snaps for me throughout the day), but these are a couple from a fun shoot with my friend's daughters (ages 8 and 11).

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I managed to get a few of Loli at his muay thai class:


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Aybra is the only one that doesnt mind getting her pic taken. All are SOOC snaps

Losh doesnt lik thecamera..

'Scuse the dirty face!

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love this thread! It's so neat to see what everyone was doing over the course of a week with their camera. Wink I'm behind in my edits, not sure if I will share that week's pictures here or not.

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Moths can be pretty too moth

Josh, the Avatar Child

Giggle monster

Irresistible smile

Big eyes
sorry so many, it was hard to choose this week lol

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