Flash Back Friday Nov 25-Dec 2

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Flash Back Friday Nov 25-Dec 2

Hey ladies. I hope you don't mind me starting this! I miss FBF! Smile Post away! Can't wait to see what you are up to!

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This week mine are all holiday pics! We picked out our tree on Thanksgiving and went back to get it on Tuesday!

Randy's first time putting the star on:

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That last one is precious Sadie.

I also have a Christmas picture to share:

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I love that second one, Sadie! I wish my kids would pose like that!
Your oldest is getting so big, El!

Here are a few from me.

I did a self portrait a few days ago for a group on ILP

Carson turned 4 on Monday Smile We went to a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate. He got serenaded to and got to wear a sombrero. He even got free fried ice cream. He was one happy little boy.

Yesterday, we made some sugar cone Christmas trees.

Can you guess which one is my little one's tree? Wink

I have our Christmas tree pictures up on the assignment thread, so I didn't want to repeat myself Smile But I will share this one from before we put up the tree. Jackson LOVES to lay like this and watch the choo choo.

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El- He is getting big! So handsome!
Stephanie- LOVE the little side comment about which one is Jackson's! That cracked me up! What a cute and easy idea! Might have to steal it!

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You should totally do it! They kids had a great time!

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Nice to have FBF, Sadie, thanks!

Sadie, I love the bokehlicious tree shot! Nice! Great tree pics, getting it and decorating it. Your kids look adorable.

El, sweet pic! (Why is everyone so organized to have their trees up already, BTW?!)

Steph, I love your self portraits. I saw them on Flickr, so great! The sugar cone trees are an awesome idea, what fun! And Jackson on the floor watching the train is so cute!

We won't put our tree up till next weekend as we had a bad experience last year with giant aphids when our tree started to dry out a little. Long story! So we're opting to put it up a little later this year in hopes of preventing the same problem. But the kids and I did make a gingerbread train this week:
Making a Gingerbread Train

And I took a couple of photos of mandarins (which are a total "Christmas" fruit for us) and Christmas ornaments for a fruit/veggie/Christmas challenge on another site. The second one I'm not so happy with, though I love the idea, but I might re-try. The first one worked out as I envisioned it, though.
Festive Fruit

Signs of the Season

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Sadie, I love the photo of your two. And of course the pic with daddy! So adorable. I only hope I can get a pic of my two together like that. Smile

El, your son is a cutie. How do you keep a nice theme on your tree with youngsters in the house? Mine is half cartoon characters.

Steph, your self portrait is georgeous!! Great job. That's a great B&W of Carson too.

Tracy, no lights here or tree. We are behind BIGTIME. I love the ornament and orange idea. Very creative.

Here's my share. We had some great fog last week and I took some pics with my son in it. He's such a wiener, I had to pay him to walk through mud to get this shot. It was like pulling teeth. Hahaha!

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Nice stuff everyone! I haven't done anything with pics in a month, since Eva's fall park session...so last night after her Christmas session at home I uploaded a month's worth of pics to work on.

I posted some new ones in the holiday/December thread already, and here are a few more...

November moon:

Jet with sunlit jet-trail...this was at sunset...there were SO many jets in the sky last month!!!:

more yum....I LOVE twinkle lights Smile

my new chandelier FINALLY, for the dining room, I just love it....

Goofy Eva helping me test the lights backdrop...don't mind her AWFUL patch with all that tape on it! :/

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Yay for FBF coming back, sorry mine is a bit late.

Again it's SOOC other then the watermark.

I just love this shot of Mal.

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