Flash back Friday: Oct 16 - 22

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Flash back Friday: Oct 16 - 22

It's that time again, folks! FLASH BACK FRIDAY!

Let's see your favorite shots of the week (or last several weeks if you were not able to bring out the camera this week)!


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AHHH! I forgot to transfer my pics to my falsh drive. I brought my flash drive, but no pics. :mad: Stupid me.


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LOL Sadie! Yesterday I brought my camera card but forgot the USB reader (I need that at work because the printer card ports only read up to 2 GB and mine is 4 GB Sad )

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Here are some of mine.

I love this one because I chopped off this one large awkward branch of my schefflera plant completely last year and now after several months of being outdoors (where it LOVES to be in summer), it's got new tiny little leaves on it Smile

OK this one I took yesterday cracks me up because with the strong wind we had yesterday, and Eva's non-pose (she was just waiting for me to put the darned camera down lol), it looks like something out of a magazine model shoot ROTFLMAO

Eva eating tiny tomatoes off the plant out back:

Yesterday afternoon's amazing clouds:

A Shadow Darner that graced me with her presence early in the week:

tons more at Flickr....so much I want to share...!!

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Hey girls!
Just one to share- this is Josh on his first donkey ride at the seaside- taken with my p&s

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ack! I have 150 images from the last 10 days in my editing queue. Who knows when I'll get to post here!!!

Love the shots so far ... and Amy, did you see my supermodel comment to you on FB? That picture makes me smile. Smile

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Yep I just did Gwen! hahaah that photo makes me laugh!

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A fly (thanks Amy!!)

Yellow Jacket


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Kristen, I LOVE both those pics!! Smile beautiful!

Ana, how interesting you can ride a donkey at the seashore....is that common?

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LOL! I see a modeling career in Eva's future! Very high fashion Blum 3

That donkey ride at the seaside looks like so much fun, I would love that.

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that's a fly??? It looks like a bee! lol! Lol

amy great photos! that shadow darner looks awesome! we don't have interesting things like that around here lol well there might be some but they stay away from our house!

i have some pictures to share but am too lazy to post them right at this moment lol! will post some soon.

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here are mine for the week:

SOCCER! man, do I *love* soccer season!

new 'official' muay thai trunks

and something totally different for me:


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"Amy_&_Eva" wrote:

Ana, how interesting you can ride a donkey at the seashore....is that common?

Oh yes donkeys are very common on the beaches of the seaside towns!! Even in October when its cold and there are hardly any people around!!

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Thanks Loida! Awwww I'm SURE you do, you just haven't found them yet!! Biggrin hmmm you are making me very curious, I might have to browse around to read about the wildlife of your area! Smile

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Sweet shots, everyone! I always love this thread. Smile

Only two for me. I didn't get my camera out much this week... Though I'll have it out lots this weekend at the pumpkin patch and our "playdate" with a few other babies where they're all going to model their Halloween costumes for us. Smile

Sorry mine are always JMK! I don't get out to photograph much else at this point!

(As I post this, I realize it's my siggy pic. :rolleyes: Oh well!)


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My favorite thread!! I love that bee pic!

We went to the pumpkin patch this week. Here are some snaps I took of my DD there. She would NOT smile for me for nothing. The one of her holding the straw in her hands she is pretending to be a scarecrow. lol Blum 3

IMG_7711 by jaxie0715, on Flickr

IMG_7724 by jaxie0715, on Flickr

IMG_7706 color by jaxie0715, on Flickr

IMG_7709 color by jaxie0715, on Flickr

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Ana, where did you go? Looks lovely! When we were at Mablethorpe, it was too windy & cold to spend much time at the beach, but we did see the donkeys, lol!

Kristen, great capture! We call them hover flies in the UK, not sure if they have a more scientific name. Jackson is SO cute. I can't believe our babies are almost 2 Sad

We finally decided to give geocaching a try, this was our 1st find!

Highland cow - his hair reminded me of ds3's, lol!

A complete snapshot, but made us all smile! May I present the original Mr Potato Head!

And a week would not be complete without some nature from me:


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LOVE the robin pic, like I said on Flickr Smile

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i love to see what everyone got up to every week Biggrin

almost 3
my 'baby' is almost 3 *sigh*

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Kerry- we went to Blackpool to see the lights, it was SO cold but Josh insisted he must ride on the donkeys!

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Awesome pics everyone! Kerry that original Mr. Potato Head is a blast, cracked me up!

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All of these are GREAT!!! I'd share my Outerbanks photos, but I've already done that Smile