Flash Back Friday Oct 21-28

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Flash Back Friday Oct 21-28

Sorry this is late ladies. I wasn't in my normal position today. Please forgive me and post away! This is always one of my fav threads, although I don't always post in it!

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Thanks for starting the thread, Sadie!

I already shared a bunch of my kid shots from our fall leaves/afternoon at the park impromptu shoot, but here's one taken that day of the park itself:
Autumn at the Slough

and one of my new greeting card creations that I especially like, from a spring photo:
True Friendship (Card)

This is one of the abstracts I did with forks... I posted another one in the COTW thread:
Abstract with Forks 2

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I've really not been motivated much to take pictures, sort or do PP on them. I'm hoping I can find the motivation next week to get back into it. What is here is great, as usual, can't wait to see any additions.

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I'll try to add some tomorrow!

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I was pretty snap happy last week Wink

Can you believe that my 3 year old took this??

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Tracy, the comp of your pics is so wonderful! Lovin' those forks too.

Stephanie, I am really jealous that you were able to get a pic of both your boys in costume. I couldn't nail that one this week no matter how hard I tried. I have some really wild ones I guess. Also, love the pic of Carson with the leaves flying.

AFM, here's a pic of our family mutt. I *should* have stopped down a bit on this one, but, live and learn right? I still really like it.

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My latest stuff is from camping in WV on 10/21-22, so I'll share my faves from that...too many LOL

View of the Cheat River from Coopers Rock:

Eva showing me her find:

a cool double-trunk tree we came across on the trail, this was about 7 feet off the ground!

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Great pics ladies!

Amy- my fav is the one of the little stream. LOVE fall!
Stephanie- you are making me CRAVE the 50mm, 1.4 baddddd.
DrakePlusOne- (sorry, I stink with names) your pup is adorable. Love those eyes!
Tracy- great abstract! You think outside the box!

I have some to post, but I am at work, so I will probably forget when I get home. Smile

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Thanks Sadie, me too!