Flashback Friday (2/1)

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Flashback Friday (2/1)

Keep me entertained! I need some pictures to look at! Snaps and all!

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My freelensing shot, for those who didn't see the thread

Freelensing by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

My Magician:

I loved these kiss shots I took of the kids a few days ago! They came out exactly like I had envisioned. Just wish I had a backdrop of some sorts to get rid of the baseboard.

Kisses by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Kisses by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

This one is ever so slightly out of focus Sad But I still love it!

Kisses by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

I managed to get another shot of Carson that day!

IMG_9965-3_filteredweb by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

He'd much rather be behind the camera though:

Jackson loves baseball. He can hit a ball that's pitched to him! Dontcha just love that look on his face??

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Steph- Love the ones with the kisses! And the one with Carson giving you a kiss is adorable! What's freelensing?

I took the boys out a few days ago on a super foggy morning. Turns out, I love shooting in fog! I can't wait until it's warmer and we get more foggy mornings!

IMG_2941-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2911-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2891-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2877-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2860-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2836 by willis2485, on Flickr

M4H P52-Week 5 Favorite Color {white} by willis2485, on Flickr

B&W of Ryken. I tend to take his glasses off when I photograph him indoors...I'm trying to stop doing that because his glasses are a part of him Smile I just love his eyes, and have a hard time capturing them with his glasses on.

IMG_3259 by willis2485, on Flickr

Bath time Smile I processed these to give them a vintage feel. Not sure if it worked, but I like them! Smile

IMG_3223 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_3214 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_3199 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_3158 by willis2485, on Flickr

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Steph, those are great, looks like you've had a good week with your kids! Love the little ball player, and those kisses shots are just too cute. Though I tried something like that once and clearly need a more red lipstick, thoroughly painted on Wink because I couldn't get that dramatic effect with my softer colours!!

Katie, those fog pics are great! Really love the way the eyes pop in the softness of the mist.

I'm have a bad week with photography. Being sick non-stop for ages doesn't help, but I'm so uninspired and nothing works. Sigh. But here's my fave shot from the week, just a snap with lousy light on the side and everything, but Nora was so proud of the "Super Reader" shirt she got from her school for reading for 100 nights, it just makes me smile to see it.

DH wanted me to take this shot of Nora's eye with the macro bellows. It turned out pretty well... for a great big eyeball pic. Biggrin

And this is NOT a great pic, but I have to share this. We have bald eagles EVERYWHERE in this area right now, and this pic makes me wish I had a long lens to take better pics of these amazing creatures.

I like the light in this one. I pulled over, snapped this picture, realized it was a bit soft, but by the time I went to snap another one, the light was gone. It was there and gone in a matter of 60 seconds at most.

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Love them, Katie!! Especially the outdoor fog ones. Awesome!

Freelensing is when you detach the lens and hold it up to the camera. It kind of gives you almost a tilt-shift/lensbaby effect.

I forgot to add this one! I went in to get Jackson from his nap, and this is how I found him. This was a thought out plan, since the blue you see is his pillow lol!

IMG_0029-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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You snuck in there, Tracy! Love the eagles! And that last landscape! Yay for Nora!

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Love them all! Katie the fog ones are awesome! I totally hear ya about the glasses. I am the same way with Eva. SAME. Smile I love your conversions too btw.

That light on the village/farm is awesome, Tracy! wow!

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I love FBF! I just wish I would use my camera more, but with the cold weather and no speedlight, I am failing!

Here's what I have. Repeat of instagram...sorry!

Katie- I am dying to know EVERYTHING about your fog photos! The camera used, the lens, the processing! GREAT shots! The bathtub ones are perfect with the vintage feel!
Stephanie- I love the bball one. The face is PERFECT!
Tracy- the smile on Nora's face is priceless! Great shots! Love the eagles!

Untitled by sadieruth, on Flickr

Untitled by sadieruth, on Flickr

Untitled by sadieruth, on Flickr

Untitled by sadieruth, on Flickr

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I've been a total slacker this week (work is nuts again), but I am LOVING all that you guys are posting!

Steph - those lipstick shots are just TOO fun! I wonder if Logan would let me try that.

Katie - goodness, girl! you totally ROCKED the fog photos! I just love how the muted backgrounds make the boys really POP in each shot!

Tracy - so sorry you have been so sick, but your photos don't show it at all. Nora looks so proud and SHE SHOULD BE! The bald eagles look AMAZING too!

Sade - it's good to see YOU in the photos too! Phone photos or not, these are GREAT! You guys always look like you are having a blast together!

I'm hoping next week to have something to actually contribute to this thread - even if it's just a snap w/ my phone or ipad. Biggrin


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Nothing from me this week that I haven't already shared. I plan on taking some tomorrow though.

Stephanie-- I SO want to steal your kisses idea! I love it. :biglove:

Katie-- So many good ones, I couldn't begin to pick a favorite. And I like the vintage feel of the bath pics.

Tracy-- Love the eye picture! Smile

Sadie-- I think it's great that you are able to capture such fun photos with Instagram.