Flashback Friday Time!

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Flashback Friday Time!

Let's see those images from the past week or two. Snaps, cell phones, and all!

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Randy "preaching"!

Bro Randy is preaching hard tonight! Bro Volkmann, look out! Lol! by sadieruth, on Flickr

Haven't shared this set yet....

32615_575185919167132_1426483425_n by sadieruth, on Flickr

Somebody had a hard time waking up this morning due to a long night of coughing! #randydale by sadieruth, on Flickr

My sweet little nephew who turned one!

Eli diggin in....well sort of! by sadieruth, on Flickr

My nephew Simon and Randy at the Naturals game last Saturday.

He loves his Simon! by sadieruth, on Flickr

My silly girl and I at our donut date this morning!

Untitled by sadieruth, on Flickr

And, my sweet little boy sleeping!

Somebody had a hard time waking up this morning due to a long night of coughing! #randydale by sadieruth, on Flickr

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I don't really have a ton to share from this week. I've mostly been focusing on my session from Sunday that I posted in the other thread Smile

Here's what I have this week:

866A1595-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Carson found a snail in the back yard Smile

866A1640-2web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Wheelbarrow ride!

866A1603web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Sadie, that preaching pic cracks me up. Love it! Biggrin And the one of Randy on the old suitcase is so wonderful!! I can always see the love you have for your kids in your pics, because they're always having so much fun and because you capture so many great life moments with them.

Steph, what a beautiful sky! Nice snail too. Biggrin I remember wheelbarrow rides when I was a kid, so fun.

I've been hanging out with my brother a bit this week - he's been living in Hong Kong for 21 years but has finally bought property here and is visiting right now to do some work on the property. He's so much fun (and a great photographer too!). I wish I had gotten him sharper in this pic, but the light sucked and we got motion blur. Still, it's a good memory. We went to a crazy old antique shop together:

Micah, er, Batman played an old player piano there:
Batman Strikes a Chord

My kids seriously LOVE their uncle:
I Love My Uncle

Sadly, no Nora pics this week... Sad But here's my fave shot of Micah's grilled cheese "happy" lunch the other day:
Micah Monkey

And some fire hydrant fun:
Fire Hydrant Fun

From the antique store:
Vox Celeste

And some random flower shots:
Cherry Blossoms

Grape Hyacinth



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Steph- LOVE the wheelbarrow shot! I remember pushing my niece in one all the time! Smile Made me smile!
Tracy- Sooo happy for your brother coming back "home"! I can only imagine how much you missed him! Looks like the kids are in LOVE! That pic of Batman made me laugh out loud b/c it's something Randy and probably Jackson would do! Smile Thank you for the compliments of my photos. It means a lot. I needed it today too- kinda down in the dumps this week.

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Oh Sadie ... the one of Randy preaching is melts my heart! The ones of him sleeping too. He must have your heart under complete control. Smile

Steph ... that's a lovely sunset! And the boys look like they are truly enjoying their ride around the yard!

Tracy ... how wonderful for everyone that your brother is visiting! Batman on the piano is just PRICELESS! And those purple flowers are SO pretty!

I have a few to share, but not much in the way of variety, these are all soccer shots. But it was a GREAT game! It was super close. And Logan had friends on both teams. He played his HEART out and scored a goal and had 2 assists to boot! The weather was BEAUTIFUL. It was just a great day to enjoy some GREAT soccer!

The last one is going to be my submission for the "Happiness" thread, even though you can barely see Logan's face. He really *earned* that goal. He played well all game and _finally_ managed the goal with only a few seconds (like maybe 10 of them) left in the game. Once I get it uploaded, I'll share the video Carlos took. Even though he almost misses the action (he follows w/ his head and forgets to move the camera) hearing Carlos' excitement in that moment is MORE than worth the shaky video. Biggrin


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Two I posted to instagram last week, taken on my phone.

Bear enjoying a cupcake that great grandpa bought her.

Mr Mal.

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Beautiful sunset shot, Stephanie! Tracy I LOVE the flowers--yesterday we spent the afternoon at a park and bike trail along the river, and there were lots of spring flowers out. I took a ton of pics. Will be uploading them today Smile GiGi, great sharp action shots!!

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Sadie, once again glad you got that camera out. That one of Randy is just adorable!
Steph, awesome shot of the snail!
Tracy, going to antique shops is my absolute favorite thing to do. So glad you added pics inside the store and as always you and Amy are the queen of flowers!
Gigi, love that ast shot of Logan. You can just feel his excitement!
Amanda, cute cupcake shot. I go to cupcake and icecream shops just for the pictures!