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Flickr question

Hi. Flickr is all different today. How do I post a picture here from flickr now?

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I just did a post from flickr and it worked for me. I clicked on the picture,went to "all sizes" and grabbed the html from under the picture, copied and pasted it here...

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aack! flickr has a new interface and i'm stuck on it. it now has pull down menus. one of the options is "share this" but mine is not active. nothing happens when i try to click on it. so frustrating!


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Might be a browser specific setting..

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there's a way to revert to the classic setting ... I can't remember how I found it though. sorry I'm not more help, but I wanted to let you know there IS a way.

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I think my flickr just had a link that said something like "leave the preview" but I haven't closed the little dialogue box down.