Flower pic

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Flower pic

Does this do anything for you? It's dramatic... but yeah...


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I really like it, except the pink bit in the lower left hand corner almost overpowers the subject.

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I wonder if you lightened the back items to make the flower pop a bit more if it would catch the eye more. It is nice - but I have enjoyed your other flower shots a bit more than this one.

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Pretty and unique! But I feel like the flower blends in a bit too much with the background.

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I think its great.
I agree that the pink in the background takes your eye away from the flower though.

Very dramatic! Biggrin

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I love hearing the feedback because this image sold 10 times more than my others at the shows Smile Thanks SO much for the input! I will play around with it!

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This shot is awesome. I do agree with Amber, that the blurry flower is a bit over powering the main image.