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    Default flowers for cc

    Not sure what type of flowers these are but I loved the color so I tried a few pics. I wish on the purple flower that I did not go so wide open with the aperture cause I think it could be a little less blurry. All sooc

    1. very bright but I think I like it that way.
    ss. 1/400 f/2.8 iso 200 I think


    2. settings same as above I hate that the flower was on it's side. The stem bugs me.


    3. 1/400 f2.8 iso 200


    4. ss 1/1000 f 2.8 iso 200


    5. ss 1/400 f 3.2 iso 200


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    LOVE #1 & #4...

    #1. I would blow this one up BIG and put it in a black frame... VERY nice. I too love the bright color.

    #2. not digging it... nice focus, just not working for me...

    #3. too centered for me and not loving the fence in the back. #1 of this flower is definitely my fave!!!

    #4. WOW... LOVE the purple... this is another one I would frame in my house.

    #5. I don't mind this shot, but still really like #1 of this flower...
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    I love the purple on the best.

    # 1 and 2 Seems OOF to me but I love the orange colour.

    #3 not fond of the angle but the focus is better

    # 4 LOVE

    # 5 best of the orange one in my opinion. Brighten it up a tad.

    Loving the bokeh on these. Flowers are so hard to shoot cos they move faster than kids do.

    Well done

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    1) not loving this one. I think the white is too bright. It almost looks like a fake flower.
    2. also agree that both these look a bit oof.
    3. focus is better here.
    4. LOVE! Great shot! I too would frame. The centering doesn't bother me.
    5. my fav of the orange flowers.

    WTG Tia! Way to get out there and practice!
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    The orange is a poppy and the purple is Allium (the onion family)...

    I like the white & green behind #1, but it's not focused & I wish the whole flower were there. I love the color combo though and agree it'd look awesome in a black frame.

    #2 has better focus but just needs more composition. the flower looks really good though. #3 the flower looks so beautiful, just needs a better BG I guess (although it doesn't bother me much) it's my fave of the poppy! #2 looks the most focused among 1-2-3, to me.

    #4 looks awesome except like you said, the very front of the "globe" didn't focus. I love the bokeh there!

    #5 is ok but I prefer more light coming through that awesome orange

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