Flowers and Frost

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Flowers and Frost

I don't do a lot of nature photography. I love looking at it, but I feel like I just don't quite have the composition skills to do it myself. But when I saw the roses in the front of our house covered in frost this morning after I got back from dropping Carson off at school, I had to run in and get my camera before it melted. I'd love some feedback. I don't have a macro lens, so I could only get so close with my 50mm. I wish I could have got closer to the frost, but oh well!

Settings for both were 1/1000 f/1.4 ISO 200 50mm


IMG_8407-3web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr


IMG_8395-3web by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Really cool, Steph, I love the first one!

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You know my 100 mm is still up for sale... lol

I like the composition on #1 bokeh is nice.

I would have cropped #2 differently. Since the stem doesn't add anything

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Dang, if only I had a money tree Wink My mom feels weird, because I told her I didn't need anything for Christmas, and that I just needed money for my camera fund. I think I haven't saved up like this since I was a kid!

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Wow...that first one is amazing! LOVE it! Smile

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Love them both! I actually think I like the light better in #2, but it might need a different crop.

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They are both really pretty; #1 is just a bit dark/grey on the main flower; the bokeh is awesome. #2 at this angle I would have composed the complete set of leaves that are hanging below the bud into the shot.