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In Focus!

I have been on a self imposed maternity leave from my photography business for the last few months and just had my first post baby headshot session.

I was so excited when I came home to find that all but 7 of the 200+ photos I took had perfect focus! My focus has been getting steadily better....but I have never really counted the rejects before. It was also exciting that I was able to complete the whole process, including shooting time and post processing, in under 4 hrs. Usually a headshot session takes me between 6 and 8 hrs just to process for disk.

Here is the only shot I did a full post process on. The others only get very basic batch color balancing and exposure touch up. This one actually needs more work...there are a few stray hairs that I would take care of and smoothing of neck/chest if I were actually doing this retouch for the client.

IMG_7929 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

And just for comparison...this is what the photos the client gets look like until they purchase "retouching". Nothing more than color and exposure balanced.

IMG_7929 by amberbella, on Flickr

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Wow, Amber. You really know how to take your photos to the next level. Lovely work!!!!

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Gorgeous!! Wish I could hire you to do my family portraits Wink

If you don't mind sharing, what is your focus method?

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LOVE IT! My only complaint is the cleavage though! That's just me being nit picky. I love the look of her face- it's smooth, but not over smooth and she is glowing!

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That's great!!!

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I toggle focal points and focus on the eye closest to me.

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Wow, Amber, only 7 were OOF? Amazing. Your edit looks stunning!

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That's great Amber - now tell us your secret... lol. I love the edit - it is so soft (not focus), the feeling of the photo.