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Free action from MCP

MCP is releasing a new action set on March 1st, and they're giving away a mini version of it. They're giving away at least one copy of the full set, which is very cool.

So, to download the mini version freebie,

I've only tried it on a flower, will try on a kid picture when I edit some later today. Smile

Before Mini Fusion
Feb142011_0042 fusion
After Mini Fusion

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And I hope to catch up on these new threads here when I get some free time ... not sure what free time is anymore. I hate being behind on this board!

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I got an e-mail about this and have it starred to download. Now to figure out how to load actions into CS5. That thing is a beast of a program. I was so comfortable in Elements, that I feel like I'm learning all over again.

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I saw it on fb yesterday, and downloaded it. I collect free actions, but almost never use them... lol. Oh well, I like having a huge collection. Biggrin

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Thanks for the tip Gwen! I grabbed it myself and look forward to playing with it when I ever get a chance to edit the Valentine pics...

One day... Smile

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If I end up getting PSE (which I've been considering for a few weeks now primarily because of all the cool actions) then I'll definitely try it Smile

Yes Gwen I hope you can continue to catch up here more again, I missed not having your CC on my Christmas pics.

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Thanks so much! Actions are about the only thing that I can do in Photoshop at this point. Smile

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I got the free mini fusion too, but i'm not impressed with it. I think i'm just spoiled by florabella collection's actions. I'm LOVING the new Luxe II set. I follow MCP, and love her blog, but the sample they release just didn't entice me enough to consider buying.

just my 2 cents Smile