Friday Fun Share

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Friday Fun Share

in the spirit of the Friday flashback, share anything you've been working on here ... or just anything that makes you smile!

this thread is for snapshots, formal shots, and everything in between!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


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Here are a few from me:

this is the family that owns the dojo where Logan takes judo classes. Love these guys!

and here are a few soccer shots...

I know it's a lot of pictures, but Logan had 2 games! Only 1 this week. Then off for a week. And then a tournament with the possibility of 2 - 4 games in one weekend! I'm clearing off memory cards and preparing even now. Smile


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Great shots, GiGi! I love the second soccer one, and the last one with his intense expression!

I'm super-duper tired and disgruntled this week, but here's one from yesterday (taken with my friend's Nikon D40):
Being Silly

And a couple of kitchen ones -- you guys will think I'm coffee obsessed. (I am!) Excuse the watermark in a dumb spot on this one:
Biscotti Break

I call this one "The Meeting" because it looks to me like the stems are having a conversation. I'm a bit weird, I know...
The Meeting

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Great shots as always, GiGi!

Love the one of your daughter, Tracy.

I took this one this morning and I'm pretty happy with my edit, but it could just be Mommy Goggles Smile

IMG_2575 by willis2485, on Flickr

I was trying to do a silhouette with this one. Not sure if it works.

IMG_2516 by willis2485, on Flickr

And I took a couple more chalk shots yesterday with the boys

IMG_2422-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2418-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2408-2 by willis2485, on Flickr

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Tracy, I usually put my watermark on an "important" part of my pic on purpose--is it really dumb? LOL I do it to protect my pics better....

Love all the pics! I will post some of mine shortly.

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GiGi - You always have the best action shots!

Tracy - Love em all. Your DD is adorable. Smile

Katie - I LOVE all the chalk shots. They're so dreamy and fun.

I didn't do anything too special this week, but this one of my youngest in the tub just makes me smile (forgive the crappy bathroom lighting).

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Adorable!! Makes me miss having an infant...*sigh* lol

I guess I haven't shared these here, although some of you probably saw them at Facebook & Flickr.








Lots more at Facebook & Flickr.

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I haven't really been "feeling" my camera this week. I had 2 shoots last weekend that kind of got me down, so I was taking a break besides snaps.

This one is from last Friday. My kids loved this little stream. Jackson got soaked, and was mad at me when I wouldn't carry him with his muddy pant leg Wink

Another from the maternity shoot I did:

The family shoot from he.ll. I am doing a re-shoot for them on a nicer, warmer day. It was way too windy and cold for that little baby to be outside, and I don't have the equipment for an indoor shoot in a cave of a house.

My kids climbed up on my parents bay window and started singing "Humpty Dumpty" lol!

My Keurig Vue House Party! Brag Alert: I got a free $250 machine and 6 free boxes of Vue Packs!

My sweet, sweet dog.

Love this picture from today on Carson's field trip of him walking and holding his teacher's hand Smile

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Here's a couple more from today. It was fairly nice out and we took a walk.

tunnel. by willis2485, on Flickr

bridge by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2762 by willis2485, on Flickr

IMG_2757 by willis2485, on Flickr

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I love that tunnel shot, Katie!!

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Katie- I love the 2nd one on your last post. Great use of leading lines!
Stephanie- such a cute dog!!!
Amy- breathtaking! As always!
Mary- love the bubbles!
Tracy- you made me giggle on that last one! I see it though!
GiGi- as always- loving the soccer and poster!

I have some to edit, but who knows when I can. Laptop needs fixing.... Might be time to break down and invest in a good computer....any suggestions?

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Thank you so much, Sadie!!