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Friday Fun Share

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a heck of a week, but let's put that aside for at least a few minutes and share some pics here.

This is not a CC thread (feel free to open a new thread if that is what you need), so don't be afraid to jump on in (this if for YOU TOO, lurkers).

This is just a place to put a few shots from the last week (or month or year, etc). Share something that makes you smile and I know it'll bring a smile to others as well!


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here are a couple from me.

First ... of course ... a couple of soccer snaps:

and then here are a few iPad photos I've been meaning to upload:

I know they're all grainy & focus is not great, but they make me smile!

Happy Friday everyone. Peace be with you.


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Cute! Your soccer pics just keep getting better and better, sharper and sharper. I enjoy them a lot, even though I am not into sports myself! Smile

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I am having a ball already since it's been so warm out, lots of spring weather and things out for me to photograph again yay Smile weekend is supposed to get cold though ugh.

Some of my recent favorites:

IMGnew4 101sm

IMGnew4 051crFxSm

IMGnew4 054fxSm

IMGnew4 046fxSm

IMGnew4 032fxSm

6. these are soooo tiny!
IMGnew4 031crFxSm

7. LOL
IMGnew4 002fxSm

8. (from iPhone)

9. ahhhh gotta love the 100mm 2.8 clarity Biggrin
IMGnew4 010crFxSqSm

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Gigi-those soccer shots are fabulous!!! And I love the one of the two of you-so sweet! Smile
Amy-That tree!! OMG I love it! And the blossoms look awesome too. I too am SO ready for spring!!

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Amy ... that tree simply takes my breath away! You got so many nice ones, but dang, that tree is just STUNNING!


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GiGi, I LOVE the expression in the second shot. He looks so focused and intense. Smile And the last one is very sweet!

Amy, that tree really is fantastic! Your cherry blossoms are gorgeous too. I'm really bummed out that we had a strong wind storm which blew most of our blossoms away before I could get any pics I was really happy with. I love #5, great capture. #6 is just sensational, so rich and wonderful. LOL on #7.

I didn't take much this week, but here are my Micah eyes ones again, just 'cuz I like 'em.
The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

And a snap of Nora having a play date.

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I always love FFS!
Tracy- that smile makes me smile every time!
Amy- those flower shots are gorgeous! I would love to see more!
GiGi- my fave is the phone shot of just you boy. I love seeing him just being himself. He is very handsome!

Most of mine again are from my phone, but there are a couple taken with my camera.
Birthday boy:

Our sweet birthday boy! Thank you Lord for blessing us with a boy who is funny, stubborn, loving, and oh so cute! Happy birthday sweet Randy Dale! #randyandhisgickey by sadieruth, on Flickr

Not ready for her to grow up:

Not.ready.for.the.future! by sadieruth, on Flickr

My VERY handsome nephew:

59690_586703804682010_756797653_n by sadieruth, on Flickr

My other nephew who was married last weekend. Yes, I volunteered to take the photos, but only b/c they didn't hire anyone. I do NOT claim to be a wedding photographer- TOO much work! This needs to be re-edited I see...

549023_10201065314979440_1198447430_n by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Amy, when I saw your tree shot I said OH MY GOSH outloud lol. Dh was like what?! He thought something was wrong but I was just that amazed at that tree shot. You just nailed it! The rest are just beautiful as well!

Gigi, I agree with Amy 100%!

Tracy, love how you just captured Nora's spirit in that one!

Sadie, I would love to see more from the wedding:) I think our boys might have the same bday or be close. Anthony just turned 16 yesterday on the 18th. Looks like Randy was pretty excited!

A few old ones and new ones from me. Sorry if I already posted can't remember.

kayla family-9735

Older but I am can post it now that the ad already went out.
jazzy (1 of 1)

brooke mpix-1

bday1 (1 of 1)

bday (1 of 1)

bda nationals jazz (1 of 1)

bathroom (1 of 2)

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Thanks everyone!!! Do you mean the tree in #1? I wasn't sure because there is also the magnolia tree #8 LOL

I have lots more pics on my Facebook fanpage (and Flickr)! Smile If you have not already "liked" it I would love it if you did! Smile (same with being friends on FB!)

Tia, I love your set!! Nice pics!

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Here are just a few more flower shots....

1. cherry of some sort
IMGnew5 024fxSm

2. magnolia
IMGnew5 011fxSm

3. magnolia
IMGnew5 010fxSm

4. Coltsfoot
IMGnew4 013crFxSm

5. Trout Lilies
IMGnew4 006fxSm

IMGnew4 058sm

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Gigi - Love the soccer pictures!

Amy - I am so jealous of all the beautiful flowers, your shots are georgous. The one with the boys in the swing is so fun.

Tracy - Cute pics of the kids.

Sadie - Dana just got her grade 8 grad dress on the weekend, can't believe it's already that time.

Tia - Your dance photos are amazing.

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Thanks!! I have more new ones from the past two days....on Flickr & Facebook. I just LOVE spring and summer! Smile

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Amy, you can seriously sell some of your flower shots they are that good!

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Thanks so much, Tia! I have some nature photos at Bigstock but it's been a long time since I put any new ones there. So I might submit a few new ones soon. Smile I also have a couple places where I make greeting cards or calendars for friends who want a certain pic(s) of mine on them. But other than that I have not tried selling straight out...