Friend's Four Month Old

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Friend's Four Month Old

My friend's little boy just turned four months old yesterday, and she asked me (after seeing some of my new photos of DS on FB) to take some pictures of him for her. I had told her when I first got my camera that I would love to practice on him, so she took me up on it this morning. The lighting in my house royally blows, so I had to toss a lot of them out due to blur because of the super low SS I had to use. But, you know... you work with whatcha got, right? This was totally just me playing around with things, and I know there are a TON of problems with them (limb chops, etc.), but I think she'll be pleased with some pics of her boy! Considering she takes his pictures with an iPhone. Wink

Anyhow, just wanted to share a few per her permission! Smile CC away if you please!!! I've also tried editing a bit... so CC on the PP would be lovely, too! I'm totally winging PP at this point, so please let me know!

1. 1/60, 5.6, 200

2. 1/60, 5.0, 200

3. 1/160, 5.0, 200

4. 1/125, 5.0, 200

5. 1/125, 5.0, 200

6. 1/160, 5.6, 200

7. 1/60, 5.0, 400

8. 1/20, 5.0, 400

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Here is a quick cc.

1- the right side of his face is blown and I think you need a bit more contrast he looks really pale/gray.

2- your lighting is better here. Clone out or crop the top where the Ray of light is shining thru. Crop tighter so that you are not cropping on his limb.

3- mom at the background ruins it for me.

4- conversion seems flat. Try adding more black/contrast. Again you have that blown spot in the background which is IMO over powering your subject.

5& 6- you are shooting up his nose.

7 - not liking mom in background.

8- my favorite of the bunch. I think you could have shot with an aperture lower than 5 here to get that nice bokeh as your background.

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what was your ISO? Is 5.0 the lowest aperture your lens goes to? Just wondering. With small ones it's always best to stay at around 1/125 or so. Even if it means increasing the ISO and decreasing aperture just a bit. You did good though. Smile I'm sure she'll love them. #3 doesn't do much for me though. He's too far right almost out of the frame itself. Your black and whites are a bit flat. Add more contrast. Should do the trick.

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Thank you so much for your comments!! I've tried to fix my edits where suggested, so hopefully they look a bit better. I see the difference some contrast does to a B&W.

I think the widest aperture on my camera (it's just the stock lens) is 3.5, but I can only get it that wide with what I'm assuming is the correct ISO and/or SS. I haven't played around with it enough to figure it out yet, though. :bwush: I just know I can't just set it to 3.5 willy nilly. I need to figure that out. And my ISO was anywhere from 200-400. I hated using anything higher than that because they turned out SO grainy, but I downloaded Noiseware and that's helped a lot to reduce stuff. I need to learn how to bump it up if need be.

And I totally agree regarding my friend in the background! I didn't want her there, but at that moment when I was taking pictures, it was relatively half-@ssed because he'd just eaten and we were just talking. I was really only seeing how the light looked since it was a good 45 minutes later, and wouldn't you know they happened to be the best/most he looked at the camera all morning! Doh. Oh well. But I know she ruined a lot of shots by being in the background! Oops. She wants to do pictures again when he can sit unassisted (he's just starting to do the "tripod" sit with assistance), so that should work out a lot better in that she won't need to support him.

Again, thank you so much for the comments!

ETA: With regards to "shooting up the nose"... should I have been shooting down the top of his head instead?

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1. I like this one the best. The comp and the color is best imo here.
2. this one would have been ok if there wasn't an arm chop or the white streaks on the blanket.
3. this looks more like a snap b/c it's as though he's running out of the pic.
4. b&ws are hard for me. this one is a bit flat in my opinion. I like brighter b&ws.
5&6. agree about the comp here. Don't like the way you are shooting compared to where he is.
7. just wish mom wasn't in the background and the orange wall wasn't there. I understand what you were trying to do though.
8. sweet shot. I agree with needed a smaller ap.

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Wow! What a cutie! I think your friend is going to be so pleased with these.

1. What beautiful eyes! You did a great job of making them the focus here. I do wish he wasn't so centered, but otherwise, this is a truly lovely shot.

2. I really like the angle on this one. The lighter spots above his head are a little distracting, so you might try a tighter crop.

3. What a sweet shot. I'm guessing that is mom behind him. I wish his face hadn't been cut off, but otherwise this is pretty sweet. Focus and clarity are really nice. And again you got nice light in his eyes.

4. I think a tighter crop so that he's not centered would make this one really pop. You might crop out a bit of the bright spos above his head. I"m a big fan of b&w and this is pretty nice. I tend to lean towards a bit more contrast usually, but I think your conversion is really good and creates the softer mood you would want with an infant.

5. I like the angle here, but I wish he was turned toward us just a bit. Either that or if we could so who he WAS interacting with ... I feel a little disconnected.

6. again, I really like your conversion, but here the angle just isn't working for me. I feel like we're looking up his nose. I really admire your soft conversion. Mind sharing your process?

7. BINGO! I love this shot!!!!! You could even crop the sides in a bit and this would still rock. (I just read some of the other comments and I guess I'm the only one that doesn't mind mom being there.)

8. This one is also really nice. His eyes are so great and you got nice light in them. I wish his arm and hands were not chopped, but that is really the only thing that stands out to me. I like the back lighting ... it makes him look like he's some kind of cherub glowing with light.