Friends Wedding...first edit!

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Friends Wedding...first edit!

This was my first wedding ever!!! I just couldn't wait to edit so I went and chose ONE to edit for now. I am editing on my laptop so the colors and whatever else might be off a bit. I will have to check them again and re-edit when I get back to Norway. I trust my external monitor a bit more than this little laptop monitor. Smile OMG! I have so many pictures to choose from and it's so dang hard! These guys were so easy to photograph and I loved photographing every second of their wedding. But note to self...never ever bring my kids along to a wedding even if it is someone I know! My DH was with me but I was trying to focus on photographing everything and everyone, etc. It was a bit difficult. But DH did a good job of watching them. I was having too much fun going here and there and getting in odd places to take a picture! lol I could seriously get used to this! I did it all for free of course and I did get permission from the couple to post photos on here for educational purposes. Smile I am sure they will love what I come up with. I was actually called "the photographer". LOL I felt so official and everything. It was a nice feeling. Smile Everyone was saying what a good job I was doing. I'll be uploading their edited pictures to mpix and let them buy what they want. And also giving them a cd or sending a zipped folder through email of images for web only with my watermark. Oh I'm so excited can ya tell? Smile This is what I needed!

Here is just one picture for now. I can't really tell if the skin tones or colors are right. Darn laptop monitor! But I just could not wait to share. Smile

p.s. I tried to use fill flash for a few of my shots. I didn't use it too much but only when the shadows were more obvious and harsh. I used it on this shot. The only thing I don't like are pin lights but I guess you can't really tell. I dunno. Smile

George and Erin Wedding July 24, 2010


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Congrats on your first wedding. I can relate. I've never been the official photographer for a wedding, but sort of 2nd shot my Dad's wedding. My son was there and it was SO hard! This is a lovely shot! Is her dress purple?

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Thanks! I really enjoyed it all! Biggrin I'm so happy with the results too. And yes her dress was like a lavender color. She didn't want the traditional white dress. Smile

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Really beautiful, Loida! I am happy for you that it was so fun for you and went well! I cannot wait to see more! Smile Her dress & flowers look so neat, too.

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Loida, this is beautiful. I am sure your friends are going to love your photographs.
You should be so proud of yourself!

I cant wait to see more Biggrin


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Great job Loida. I am sure they'll love this photo.

I would maybe edit that shiny cheeks of her. I am assuming that's from the fill flash.

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thanks everyone! I am definitely proud of myself! I seriously can't wait to sit and edit! It's going to have to wait awhile though. I want to make sure the colors are ok and I won't be able to tell until I get to Norway. I sent out some test prints to Mpix. I hope they turn out ok!

And yes I didn't even really notice the shiny in her cheeks. Smile thanks! i'll be touching up these pictures later on so I'll make sure to fix that Wink

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Wow, beautiful background! Hope to see more! Biggrin

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"cazzoom" wrote:

Loida, this is beautiful. I am sure your friends are going to love your photographs.
You should be so proud of yourself!

I cant wait to see more Biggrin


I agree with everything she said :cool:.

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BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see more either!

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WONDERFUL JOB LOIDA!!!! If this image is anything like the rest of the set, you are really going to make your friends happy. I love your use of the STUNNING background here. It sets the mood perfectly while not taking anything at all away from the happy couple.

I hope you can post more soon!


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Loida, this is just beautiful!!! I love that her dress is purple (and honestly, that will help with PPing since you don't have a white dress to get perfect or to blow). I can't wait to see more. And I love that you enjoyed it, despite having your kids there. Perfect!

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I agree, you did a beautiful job! I love the background as others have said, and you captured such a happy moment. You should be super proud of yourself Smile