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We are having a photo review class this next monday for my photography class. I had some of my images printed (RitzPix) in 4x6 (16 free prints) to test out how they looked before I printed them in 5x7 for the final prints.

What I'm frustrated by is how dark my images are. They also don't look as sharp and crisp. I uploaded the original JPEG file that I converted from RAW. I know that using a low quality processor like RitzPix will do that, but they look so right on my laptop. I suppose the only way to fix this is to either brighten up all my images BRIGHTER than my monitor looks or to get calibrated...or use a better picture processor? I'm just lost because I want to start printing my images but I'm afraid they will all turn out like crap.

Any suggestions?

Thanks greatly in advance.

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If you are wanting to stay inexpensive, I like prints from winkflash in matte... they are pretty true to screen as long as you dont have "auto correct" marked

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WHCC is not bad, price wise. I think Color Inc. always has specials going on.

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do sharpen for print before you upload. I don't always remember to do that, but it's worth it. I think MCP might have a free action for that, actually.

and I have to compensate for brightness too. my monitor is pretty bright, even after calibration, so if I don't remember that, I end up with darker prints.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to check out some of those places.

Gwen, going to go check out MCP's site now.