Frustrated about the way that I started...

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Frustrated about the way that I started...

PSA for everyone!!! PLEASE value yourself and your work right off the bat. Don't make excuses and charge too little for your time.

I have a few repeats coming to me this month from last fall. Last fall I was PBing and charging $40 a session and giving the printable image disc of all of the images in the gallery for $40. AND charging too little for prints.

I'm trying to be gentle and point them to the new price list, but I'm getting more than a few :eek: and :confused: coming back to me and non bookings. Which is totally fine with me, because I know that not everyone can afford to get photos done (my family included at the moment). The problem now is that it seems like people are embarassed that they aren't booking and are avoiding me around town and that makes me feel bad because I want people to know that it's OK and that I'm not mad. Sad

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that's good advice, thank you. Smile I'm still not sure where I will go in terms of business, but I'm sure I'd be in the same boat as you. Right now, all of my stuff is for free since I'm learning.

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I'm sorry this happened. But thank you so much for telling us and letting us learn from you. I really hate these kind of uncomfortable situations so I feel for you.

I have been thinking about these things since I have been tossing around the idea of going into business. I don't know much about running a business though! I was thinking about this exact situation though and wondering if it would be better to always have the higher prices visible but offer discounts for pbing so people think they are getting a deal.

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Steph, I think that is the best way to go (if I could start again!). I think that if you figure out where you'd like your pricing to be and offer a XX% PB'ing discount for the first 6 months/1 year, etc - then people know, and then it's easily dropped!

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great learning experience, I have no plans to go into business, but as a Mother who likes to spend money, I double agree I think showing your price and then giving a discount for PB is a great idea!!

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thanks for the advice. Smile i like that idea too. Will store it in my head for the future.

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That really is great advice.

I'm sorry you're struggling with the social end of things. I hope your friends, etc. come to their senses soon. It's really not fair.



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IKWYM. That's why I came up with a price list and then offered a percentage discount for the first while, then made it lower than that, and now it's gone. I have only one friend who still gets the discount because I've been photographing her family for about 4 years now, since way before I did this professionally. She just liked my style and I did it for her at a good price. Now she refers lots of people (she's got an entire wall of my pictures in her house from all the years) so it's worth my discount.

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Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the advice.

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Thats exactly what happend to me!

Now i charge 125.00 for my newborn sessions and my prices are kinda of middle of the line for prints...and some of my clients from PB stage were in shock and some did not book with me...but once the shock wears off they come back Wink

I'm sure the same will happen for you.