Full Sun, Edits etc

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Full Sun, Edits etc

Howdy all

I had a chance to visit my sister and niece who now live in the country, yesterday and it was so much fun.

I had the chance to take some pictures so I was hoping for some feedback.

Full sun but I like how this ended up

SS 1/800
ISO 160
Ap 4.5

SS 1/640
ISO 250
Ap 4.0

I'd love your thoughts on my edit

Colour adjustment, curves, sharpen.


SS 1/250
ISO 400
Ap 5.0


Oh and one more just cos I snapped a quick moment with mum and daughter.

Thanks All

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I'm on the run, but wanted to say #2 is just so cute! I'd crop tighter.

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These are great. Just a couple of CC.

#1 - I like this action shot, just wished the houses at the back were not there. I think the pink is giving a color cast to your niece's face.

#2 - I agree that this can be cropped a bit closer.

#3 - edite is great. Nice catchlights.

#4 - Awww such a sweet moment.

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Thanks Ladies

Here is the cropped version

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love the crop cazz

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Thanks again Biggrin