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Fun Day

Weekends are pretty slow around here, but I thought I'd share anyway Smile

Went to my parent's house this morning with Rylee so I could take some pictures of their plants. They have such a variety of flowers, that it made for a really good time. Plus, I had a baby sitter while I shot Wink

All were taken with my 70-200mm f/4 lens and extension tubes....well, except the last one.

2011-03-05 01

2011-03-05 02

2011-03-05 03

2011-03-05 04

2011-03-05 05

2011-03-05 06

2011-03-05 10

The bee hives that have been sitting at my parent's house for 20+ years. We used to harvest the honey, but just haven't done anything with them for years.
2011-03-05 09

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Those are beautiful! My favourites are #1, #5, and #7. Love the detail and vibrant colours -- so, so pretty!

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the color looks amazing and the focus is TACK SHARP in all of these! I love how you bring out the smallest of details - it almost feels like looking at an alien planet, but it's oh so beautiful.



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gorgeous flowers!

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Lovely pictures Jennifer!! I love #5 the most!

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Wow! Look at those colors!! I can't choose a favorite.

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Thanks for the nice replies Smile

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Those are all beautiful!!!!

Maybe a dumb question, but do bees still go in the hives eventhough you don't currently do anything with them?

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Tara, those are wild bees and yes, they have been living there for years even though they haven't been tended. I can't go look inside (I'm HIGHLY allergic to honey bee stings), but I imagine it's much like a wild bee hive. I'm not even sure if there are frames in the hives(the frames make it much more organized to pull out the comb) so it would be difficult to harvest anything from them. But, there is NOTHING better than fresh honey, it just makes me salivate thinking about it Lol

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Beautiful! I would have a hard time picking just one favorite, but I'm leaning toward #1. The bee hives look interesting, too. It would be cool to get some shots of someone tending them (but you'd probably want a very powerful zoom lens so as not to get too close!)

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Love the flowers, jealous that you have them to shoot, we are still buried in snow. My favourite has to be #4.