A fun share

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A fun share

We have a bird feeder that we never put bird feed in. This year, a robin decided to put it to better use and built a nest in it. It's only about three feet off the ground, so it's easy to see in it. She laid two eggs in it in the spring, and just laid three more a few weeks ago. I got this shot on July 3:

1. 1/250; ISO: 200; f/5.6 - sharpened for web, but otherwise, SOOC

Still trying to get a good shot of my daughter. Why is this so gosh darn difficult?!

2. 1/250; ISO: 400; f/5.0 - sharpened and used PW Bright Eyes and Boost actions (I've been playing with actions lately to see how they work. Is it too much?)

CC is always welcome and very much appreciated! Thanks!