Fun shoot i wanted to share...

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Fun shoot i wanted to share...

We did the session in her home b/c her house is just beautiful!

She wanted to do a fun and different card this year, so we decided to do a "recipe for Christmas Cheer" we had a great time and i thought i would share some from the session!







we decided on a tri fold card...that each panel kinda gives you the ingredients for xmas cheer Smile

maryanne xmas card backside copy proof

maryanne xmas card inside copy

thanks for looking!

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Posts: 1831 and sister?

I'm getting a weird "couple" vibe from several of these.

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I have to say that is the first thing I thought too...kind of weirded out by a couple of these....the house is really beautiful though.

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i get that vibe from #4...but mom loved it.

The others i thought were fine though

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I felt the same way on some of those, but if mom loves it- who cares what I think! Lol LOVE the house!

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This must be the same girl you shared before! That house is to die for!

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Really nice house. I agree that a couple of the shot were a bit weird. But lovely nonetheless.

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Oh I love these!!! A fun shoot indeed! I just love the playful nature of the shots and you did a GREAT job in the execution!

Where do you have those tri-folds printed? Looks AWESOME and I'm sure the family just loves these. Smile


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I got the same "Flowers in the Attic" type vibe as well.. Like.. err.. are they a couple? siblings? I couldn't tell.

But BESIDES that.. the pictures themselves are beautiful!!

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Would you mind sharing some of the other images from the shoot that are on the card? Smile

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Like i said, i do get that vibe in #4 but definitely not the others....i guess b/c i KNOW that they are siblings so i don't see it that way, but i guess from a strangers point of view who doesn't know them...i guess you could get that idea, not to mention that they are so close in age. Luckily though, she only sends her xmas cards out to family and friends..and they all def. know that they are siblings! lol

Here are a few more from the shoot



would you believe she's only 12!

and yes this is the same girl i photographed last year! Great memory!

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Your photos sure are beautiful.

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Beautiful work!

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I do agree that some of the pictures look a little like a couples photo, but if their mom liked it thats all that matters :D. You did a great shoot.

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she's only 12? wow!

I think the photos are gorgeous, and the house is such a great setting for these. love the theme, and the cards are awesome!