fun in the snow; and some winter nature (pic heavy)

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fun in the snow; and some winter nature (pic heavy)

I haven't done a mega-share in awhile, so here are a few from last weekend that I just got around to editing. We just had a fun time out in the snow, despite the freezing temps. I got a few nature shots to boot. When I wasn't using my camera I tucked it inside my coat against my chest so it wouldn't freeze lol. These were all with the 50mm 1.8, and for some of the nature shots I used my macro converter.

Any cc is welcome. I've discovered I really need to stop resizing in Flickr because it destroys the sharpness of my photos :/








8. this leaf was seriously tiny!



11. I love the color and "abstract-y-ness" of this one...







18. last one.

I have one other Eva photo that I liked, because it has sunlight backlighting and falling snowflakes, however for some reason it REALLY got destroyed in Flickr so I have to try again. I want to post it because I want to ask you all about cropping it.

Thanks for looking! Smile

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I jsut saw these on fb and just LOVE them! I adore Eva's hat - she looks like a little cupcake! Wink

I'll bbl w/ some more comments, but I just had to ask ... what is your background on #12? that soft background looks so un-winter-ish. LOVE IT!

These are all great, Amy! TFS!


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Thanks GiGi!! I knew someone would ask that, is the wall of a green shed in our backyard; it is about 5-6 feet away from the blueberry stem that I took that photo of....

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Those are just great!! Your nature ones are fab!

My favorite of Eva is #4 and my favorite of the nature shots is #12. I love those colors together Smile

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These are all so great Amy! I love the new Eva pics! My fav is #2. Her smile is too cute! I too LOVE #12 of the nature ones. Your nature always blows me away!

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Oh how cute! Smile love your nature shots as well and the color in #12 is awesome! love Eva's hat!!!

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Eva is so cute in that hat! Looks like a lot of fun, I wish we had some snow here!

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Looks soo cold... brrrr.... your daughter is too cute. Nice nature pics too!

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Thanks everyone! we got even more snow yesterday---like 5 more inches of snow, yay! I love it, LOL. I still need to try for some snowflake macros, because the 50mm just didn't get close enough even with the macro converter on. So I have to try the other lens. (plus, the weekend snow was very small and dry, so not a lot of shapes were visible)

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Your daughter is adorable, and I love her hat, is it home made (by you are a family member)? Your pictures are absolutely wonderful.

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Love these all! Eva is super adorable, and that hat is to die for!

Your nature shots are always soooo beautiful, you do such a great job Smile

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She is such a doll! I especially like #2 and I love her expression in #7.
Your nature photos are great! If I were you my whole house would be decorated with them! Smile