Fun with textures

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Fun with textures

I've neglected my kids for two hours to work on these. I'm so bad! There are four texture layers on each one (same ones for consistency). I don't know why the portrait one of him seems different - I didn't rotate the texture layers to keep them aligned the same. I'm still tweaking, as I want them to match. that being said, I am not sure what I will do with these in the end.

Also, I masked the skin but not the clothing, and reduced opacity slightly to bring in some texture into the skin. does the clothing look okay with the texture or off? (and I have to say, when the hands had the texture, they looked freaky!)

Let me know what you think, thanks. Smile




IMG_8634 cop y


IMG_8627 cop y


IMG_8611 textures copy

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I really like it, Gwen. Looks pretty consistent across the board. Looks like there may be some texture still on Andrew's hand in #1 and I agree that it doesn't look very natural.

I like the overall effect though - really adds some depth to the graffiti behind them and I don't really even notice it on their clothes. Usually I don't like it on clothes, but here it works.

I'd love to know what 4 textures you used.