A funny, 2 questions, and my first pictures (Pic heavy/CC please)

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A funny, 2 questions, and my first pictures (Pic heavy/CC please)

Please feel free to laugh at me, I know I sure did. So I read how and attached my lens to my camera and started snapping some pictures. I tried manual and automatic but all of them were coming out bad. I started to feel very upset and discouraged, thought maybe I wasn’t ready for a DSLR. I was like man I know I can take better pictures than this so I got all my books out and started reading them over again. As I reread the how to attach the lens section I realized I didn’t finish the last sentence of the section where it says turn lens until it SNAPS into place. I was so nervous about turning it too hard and breaking it that I didn’t really have the lens properly attached. So that explains why I all of my pictures no matter what mode where coming out bad because the camera wasn’t actually properly using the lens. After feeling like a complete idiot I finally got the lens properly attached and went outside to take my first real pictures with my new camera of our first Lily to bloom in our flower garden.
As to my questions, I was wondering if I could leave my lens attached or if I had to always remove it to store it? I only have one lens and I have a bag to put everything away in. Ideally it would be easier if I could just wipe it out and start shooting instead; of uncapping all 3 caps, attaching the lens, and then missing the moment I was going for. Also when I added my mark in Picnik when I was saving them it gave me a warning saying image resolution has been reduced to 89% of the original. Why is that happening? I never saw that with my other camera and pictures.
Now for some pictures of the Lily; these are all manual, no flash, and SOOC.
1. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm
2. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm
3. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 43mm
4. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm
5. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm
6. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm
7. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm
8. F5.6 1/125sec ISO-100 55mm

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Pretty pictures, I love flowers.

As for the lens we tend to keep ours on, and most of our friends with DSLRs do too.

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For sooc those look really good.

It could be the program that is reducing the file. I am not all familiar with piknik.

Lens - I am a nerd and usually always store my lenses in their separate bags or compartments. I switch my lenses continually so I rarely just leave a lens on my camera. But many will leave it and it is just fine.

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I always just leave my lens on when I put it away. As you said, it's so much easier that way.

Your SOOC are pretty good - they seem to be properly exposed, which is great. Perhaps a tad overexposed, but not so much that it's distracting. Your WB seems pretty good too.

Except for your first shot, the rest seem soft. Did you have your camera set to auto-focus? Sometimes when you get close to a subject, the auto-focus doesn't work, so you'll have to turn it off and manually focus. The middle part of the flower (stamens? I'm so NOT a biologist!) should be your main focal point.

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Can't add anything to the CC, but I sure do like #4. It is beautiful!

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These are great for your first attempt! I'm glad you didn't start with your kids, as it's SO much more frustrating and difficult to photograph squirmy little people! haha

I like 7 the best, but they do all seem a little soft.

I always leave my lens on. The only time it comes off is to switch to a different lens. Smile

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I leave a lens on. I'm very paranoid about accidentally getting dust on my sensor, so I only remove a lens when I'm putting a different one on.

I really like #4 and the point of view of #8. I think 8 would have been even better if the focus had fallen on the stamen. It's hard to get focus on really tiny objects sometimes, especially if you're focusing then recompositioning.