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Fur Babies CC

I know most of my pictures of are A&A. I just can't resist taking 100's of pictures of them. Wink

But here are a few of my fur babies. Sadly I fear they feel neglected and forgotten most of the time with the craziness that is our life with twins. Buster, the tabby, was a bit more cooperative and stayed in place longer for me. Duke thought it was time to eat, so he jumped up before I could get shots of him all stretched out. He's a pretty big cat--- close to 20 lbs.

CC please. I think I did a good job with the focus. The ones of Buster are some of the sharpest pictures I think I've ever taken. Duke's face seems a little OOF... Not sure if I focused on the wrong place, or if my A is off. Also, what I know I need to work on is comp. Not really liking the comps in the pictures of Duke. I was still working on deciding what exposure I needed with his fur being white when he jumped down. These aren't SOOC. I did some editing in PS--- white balance, fill light and possibly some exposure tweaks. I did put the stats for the originals.

1. f 2 1/200 ISO 320

2. f 2 1/200 ISO 320

3. f 2 1/400 ISO 160

4. f 2 1/400 ISO 160

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I love #1! What a great fur baby photo!

#2 is nice, and normally I love photos with a lot of negative space, but the amount of negative space at the time combined with the fact that the cat seems a little tight horizontally makes it not quite as preferrable a composition for me.

I like #3 -- wish that one ear wasn't chopped, but I like it.

#4 seems lacking a little something, just not sure what.

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Thank you Tracy. Smile

Here's another one of Buster that has a little more negative space than #1, but not as much as #2.


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Such beautiful kitties! I really like #2...I see what Tracy is saying, but I still really like it. However, I think #5 is my favorite.

Of Duke, I prefer #4 because the lighting is better in that one. I wish you had backed up a bit to get Duke's paws in the photo.

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In that last one of Duke, you can SO tell his personality, and that he wasn't really wanting his picture taken! LOL! It's funny how animals can give attitude too.

I LOVE #5! Perfect! These are really beautiful, Danielle! You're improving so much! Keep it up!

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Pretty shots AND cats! I've taken some of my 2 kitties like this and I love them. I agree that I would prefer #2 with a horizontal crop. But the negative space is kinda cool too. Duke is so beautiful. I think #4 would be my fave of the set if his paws were in there Smile