game on! (soccer season has started)
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Thread: game on! (soccer season has started)

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    Default game on! (soccer season has started)

    Howdy All!

    Soccer season has started here which makes my camera and I very happy, indeed. Just wanted to share a few from Loli's first week of practice and 1st game.

    c&c always appreciated, but it takes me a couple of games to get back into the hang of shooting such quick action again. [that's my story and I'm sticking to it]

    1. f/5.6 ss=1/160 iso=400

    2. f/5.6 ss=1/160 iso=400

    3. f/5.6 ss=1/160 iso=400

    4. f/5.6 ss=1/200 iso=100

    5. f/5.6 ss=1/200 iso=100

    6. f/5.6 ss=1/320 iso=100

    I'm starting to play around w/ some "poster" ideas for this season, but these are still pretty rough. Any/all thoughts and suggestions GREATLY appreciated since I am just getting started on them.

    7. my first "poster" of the season

    8. my 2nd attempt ... I'm just not really diggin' this one. I got the idea from a poster I saw in a local soccer shop, but I don't know if it's the image I chose to duplicate the look or what ... it just feels ... empty. Any thoughts? it may even be the ratio (I used an 11x14 ratio ... never really done that before and I don't think I like it). *sigh*

    As always, TFL!


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    GiGi- you were just commenting on your camera getting dusty! It's not anymore!
    #1) LOVE this one! The yellow stands out!
    2) maybe a tighter crop?!
    3) really wish the house wasn't there, but his expression I love. He looks so serious! Great shot!
    4 & 5) great shots!
    6) Love the action! The goal in the back looks good too!

    #1 I really, truly like, EVERYTHING about it! #2- not so much. He looks out of place.
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    So cool! You're gonna have a blast this season. And I can't wait to see what posters you do this year!

    I think 5 and 6 are my favorites so far. You can tell how hard he's playing!

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    Wow, I love how into it he is! I think 6 is my fav, but the thing on the roof in the background is very distracting to me.. my eyes went right to it. Maybe you could clone/heal it out?

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    hooray for more action shots! I have to confess that my brain isn't in CC mode, will try to come back later to give you some. I do like the last shot best though (but now that Brandi mentioned it, I'd take that thing off the roof too )
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