the garment rack pullback shots

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the garment rack pullback shots

Just remembered that a couple of you wanted to see pics of the thing I used for my backdrop for Eva's Christmas pics. Here it worked really great! I used it for some of my friends' son's photos too recently. Very easy to set up and move around and adjust. Perfect size for kids.

Front (before I neatened up the fabric!):

Back (extender rods at top were out a bit wider than you can see here):

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Great idea! Thanks for the pics! I may have to see if I can find something like that to use. Right now I use stools or chairs from the kitchen, but as they are getting taller, they are starting to stand above the stools.

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Great idea!!! Glad you shared the pics of it, so I can see what you're talking about Smile

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great set up! Smile

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Where did you buy the garment rack? I'm thinking of getting one too.

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Found this one at Target. I chose this for its double-adjustable-ness (vert & horiz), and its sturdiness & size. The vertical rods (upper half) can go even higher than I had them set at in these pics, too. Then I just used clamps from a set that my hubby had lying around.

It's great because you can lay out the fabric, then move the rack back a bit so the fabric is at a slight angle...then have the child sit at the front edge of the fabric so that your DOF increases and almost all wrinkles in the fabric just disappear:

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Thanks for sharing! I need something portable. The pvc one my DH built is great, but too big/bulky.

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That's very cool!