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Any non-aspiring professionals use GIMP for post processing? I have zero money to put towards photoshop so I was nudged toward GIMP and from the looks of it, it will do the basic things I'd like. I take pics of my kids and pets and friends for my own hobby, so I don't think I need anything fancy.

Are there any good tutorials anyone would recommend to get me started? I've been googling, but it's nice to ask the familiar faces around here, too, just in case. Smile

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I don't really know anything about it, Jordan, but can't wait to see what you learn to do with it! You'll have to share some pictures with us, k?!

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Sorry I'm no help Jordan, I've never used Gimp. I've heard good things though, so I bet you'll get good use out of it. Good luck!

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I so understand the whole, not being in your budget type situation. I do suggest Photoshop Elements though- I think you can get it for $75 or so.... Not too bad. Good luck, can't wait to see what you do with it!

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I think GIMP is capable of most things you would need. You don't have the actions and things that are made for PS, but I have been working with it for a while (caveat: I am NOT a pro by any means) and have found many, many web pages for very high-end GIMP users; so clearly, it is capable of quite a bit.